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Cybersecurity: European Commission scales up EU's response to cyber-attacks

To equip Europe with the right tools to deal with cyber-attacks, the European Commission and the High Representative are proposing a wide-ranging set of measures to build strong cybersecurity in the EU. This includes a proposal for an EU Cybersecurity Agency to assist Member States in dealing with cyber-attacks, as well as a new European certification scheme that will ensure that products and services in the digital world are safe to use more
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Zebra Technologies collaborates with NFL and Wilson Sporting Goods to deliver unique insights during 2017 football season

Zebra will again track all players and kicks off tracking solution in all game footballs more
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The Mind of the Hacker - Insights from GCHQ, MI6 and Israeli Intelligence

It used to be the trickery of the disinterested joker – bright youngsters pulling the data strings just to see what would happen. Then came criminals, adapting old con-trickery and thieving skills to the new cyber environment. Then it escalated to international gangs and now we are faced with political interest and rival shaping a post-truth world. Where are we heading? What is already happening? Vital questions must be addressed in this opening session before we turn to the technologies, solutions and strategies for securing the Cloud and Internet of Things. Brian Lord, OBE – former GCHQ Deputy Director for Intelligence and Cyber Operations – begins by describing the big picture, how it is evolving and where we could be heading. How is the balance of knowledge and power changing? And how will this affect our industry, business and society? more
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What’s new in FinTech security?...

What’s new in FinTech security?

The world was still reeling from the breadth and depth of the Equifax hack when I attended a session on Security Innovation in the FinTech Sector at last month’s NetEvents Global Press & Analyst Summit in San Jose, California more
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