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Four Galileo satellites are “topped off” for Arianespace’s milestone Ariane 5 launch from the Spaceport

Fueling operations have begun with the four Galileo spacecraft to be orbited next month from French Guiana on Arianespace's first launch that uses its Ariane 5 in deploying Europe's constellation of navigation satellites more
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5G moves out of the lab to the field

Telia Company has performed the first European field tests of 5G-technology in Stockholm together with partner Ericsson. The first customers will experience 5G services in 2018 in the Swedish capital and in Tallinn more
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Unicorns and baby unicorns – So adorable but where do they go from here?

Billion-dollar startups are the talk of the town; a unicorn´s CEO can´t sneeze without it showing up on Valleywag, or the founder being parodied on the hit TV show, “Silicon Valley”. Meanwhile, everyone is watching the baby unicorns, the next-generation startups that appear to be on the fast-track to a massive valuation. Not yet household names outside the venture and tech communities, the baby unicorns represent tremendous potential for their investors. Or do they? And there are the reliable technology leaders – not unicorns, not baby unicorns, perhaps not even startups. Solid performers who generate innovation…and revenues. How do they all fit together in the fast-moving industry? more
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Open the network up, CISO – Don’t lock it down! Use...

Open the network up, CISO – Don’t lock it down! Use security to enable innovation

“Lock it down! Button it up tight!” That’s the default reaction of many computer security professionals to anything, and everything, that’s perceived as introducing risk. Given the rapid growth of cybercrime like ransomware, and the non-stop media coverage of data theft of everything from customer credit-card information to pre-release movies to sensitive political e-mail databases this is hardly surprising more
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