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City of Madrid implements large smarter cities environmental analytics project

City of Madrid selects IBM, through its subsidiary INSA, to provide citizens more efficient environmental services. IBM Group to help Madrid improve communication with citizens, anticipate issues and coordinate resources to operate more effectively more
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  • Galileo launch postponed... more

  • Soyuz is completed for Arianespace's mission to deploy... more

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Virtual washing machine keeps corporate mobile communications secure

New service protects mobile devices against attacks and malware. Companies can define the number of devices and protection level quickly and flexibly more
  • An app that helps you buy good food at the best price... more

  • EU-funded tool to help our brain deal with big data... more

  • Spirent enhances location availability for VoLTE E911 calls... more

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The future of SDN and network virtualization

A Retrospective on the future of network virtualization, at NetEvents Cloud Innovation Summit 2014, California more
  • Between the clouds, the challenges facing datacenter... more

  • Clouding the issue versus issuing the cloud Ethernet as both... more

  • Ethernet and Carrier Networks... more

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Mobile banking users to exceed 1.75 billion by 2019,...
  • Strong demand for mobile solutions will boost sales in U.S.... more

  • Testing for wholesale Ethernet services... more

  • Worldwide IT market showing tentative signs of improvement,... more

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  • Canalys Channels Forums gather tech leaders to inspire and... more

  • ITU Telecom World Young Innovators Competition launches 2nd... more

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