mHealth World Congress 2010 Singapore

Date: Fri, 07/30/2010 - 14:02

mHealth World Congress 2010 Singapore

What global health principles have highest potential for m-health applications?

10 Case studies of mHealth project findings will be presented at mHealth World Congress 2010 Singapore...

Telecom operators, healthcare providers and wireless solution players will meet in Singapore on 18-19 October 2010 and discuss key issues while positioning themselves for new opportunities in m-Health key applications. Market analysts and researchers estimate the mobile healthcare monitoring applications market globally at a whopping USD 2 billion, a promising future for the stakeholders in the new healthcare sub-sector.
This emerging ‘disruptive’ healthcare delivery and patient data collection system (with huge potential for better preventive treatment, disease management and better public health), will greatly impact the future model of healthcare. How will mhealth help healthcare providers to produce better healthcare outcomes? What global health principles have the greatest potential for mHealth applications? How can hospitals better position themselves to integrate mHealth applications into their current workflow and make use of technology to deal with disease management & patient health record and data collection? What are the priority issues for mHealth and mobile telemedicine? How do we integrate each stakeholder’s relative value for the m-Health initiative?
Leaders in m-health, e-health, telemedicine, wireless operators, technology & software platform providers will be tackling these head on at Asia’s biggest landmark mHealth congress – mHealth World Congress 2010 will feature 10 operator case studies presented by mobile operators & healthcare providers.

Keynote Speakers include pioneers in new mobile value added services and telemedicine:-
Mr. Thierry Zylberberg, Executive Vice President & Strategic Partners General Manager of Orange Healthcare France Telecom, Prof. Dr. K Ganapathy, President of Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation, Rajendra Pratap Gupta, President of the Disease Management Association of India & The Care Continuum, Dr. Peter Benjamin, General Manager of Cell Life South Africa, Dr. Mahendran Maliapen, Director of National University Health System Singapore.

Speaker organizations include CityCell Bangladesh, Singhealth,  Singapore Telecommunications, France Telecom, Cell-Life, , Changi General Hospital, The Care Continuum Alliance, Disease Management Association of India, Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation, Center for Health Financing Policy and Health Insurance, Department of Public Health Indonesia, Sardjito General Hospital, Indonesia, St. Teresa's Hospital Hong Kong, National University Health System, Singapore, National Telehealth Center of the Philippines, Handheld Solutions & Research Labs, India, University of Malaya Specialist Centre (UMSC), Malaysia, Kasturba Medical College and Hospital, Manipal University Hospital, Rajah & Tann LLP, & Microsoft Asia Pacific

Congress will cover these key areas:
? m-Health opportunities and key applications which are of greatest value to the various stakeholders in the ecosystem
? Strategic visioning for m-Health and aligning it to healthcare priorities
? How can operators’ monetise healthcare services?
? Approaches to mobile health business & payment models
? Key motivations & challenges of stakeholders in the m-health value chain
? Partnerships in m-Health
? M-health & disease management, emergency response & data collection
? M-Health in limited resource settings & in developing countries
? Framework for accessing m-Health outcomes
? Strategies and approaches for m-Health standardization & integration
? Regulating m-healthcare technologies


Speakers will hotly debate hard issues in the stakeholders’ panel discussions “Industry Sound Bites” & “Talking Point Dialogue Session” and get to particpate in a conference poll on “innovation versus fragmentation”. The Congress aims towards achieiving greater integration and standardization and more traction going forward.

Event attendees will expect to meet healthcare providers (private and public hospitals), departments of health, NGOs, telecommunications & mobile operators,  regulators & government authorities (telecoms and healthcare), medical technology & information providers, handset & device manufacturers, medical gadgets and new medical technology solution providers, open source platform developers and healthcare researchers and informatics developers. 

Event website is -

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