Mobile Broadband for Emerging Markets 2011

Date: Thu, 10/21/2010 - 17:49

Mobile Broadband for Emerging Markets 2011

Mobile Broadband players must explore on the emerging markets and capitalise on its spending power

Everybody intuitively knows the Middle East, Gulf Nations and North Africa is becoming a wireless connected society.
The firm evidence came, when Pyramid Research released figures that mobile subscribers in Africa and Middle East are expected to quadruple from 8.9 million in 2009 to 37.9 million in 2014. Indeed, Mobile Broadband has been the fastest-growing segment of the telecom market in the region.
As the region’s mobile subscribers grow, so does the need for wireless connectivity.
New players need to understand better how to target the right markets and know the challenges as of the mobile broadband segment.
In light of this, the Neoedge Telecoms & Research is setting up the Mobile Broadband for Emerging Markets, which brings together those interested in knowing the right options for their target markets and moreso, to develop these mobile broadband options.
The Chair for Day One will be Ali Sagheian who is the Chief Analyst at Teyf Sharif Consultants in Iran will be speaking about the Mobile Broadband landscape and how it looks in the emerging markets. “Part of our esteemed Chairman’s presentation will be the evaluation of the demand level of mobile broadband and likewise analysing its effects in the telecommunications business.”, says Eric Yang, Neoedge Telecom Business Consultant – Africa & Middle East. His slot entitled, “Understanding the Landscape of Mobile Broadband in the Emerging Markets” will be delivered right after his opening speech.
"The conference on Mobile Broadband for Emerging Markets on 18-19 January 2011 is a way to share knowledge and information across the region’s old and new players," says Yang. "It's about understanding your market for a successful planning and implementation of what broadband options and services to offer to them.”
Zain product manager and marketing manager of broadband Babiker Ramadan will show the delegates on how to monetise the mobile broadband services and choosing the right business model that fits the organisation. Assessment of profit margins pertaining to the type of mobile broadband services that is provided to the market will also be presented.

Trends impacting the growth of mobile broadband
Examining ways to attract consumers into using mobile broadband could be through a number of competitive and exciting mobile broadband packages. The revolving issues in the mobile broadband business cases will be discussed through a brainstorming session and followed by a panel discussion which will be moderated by US Cellular’s Sebastian Thalanany. Solutions to the common mobile broadband issues will be addressed and the ways to take advantage of the market’s high interest will be addressed effectively. Yang advises that, “mobile broadband provides a lot of good business opportunities and involving the players in a conference will encourage high level insights on how and what are the best options to provide to a specific target market.”
The current mobile broadband options and trends will be given a thorough comparative analysis.  HSPA, HSPA+, LTE, EDGE, WiMAX, Femtocells and more will be analysed in regard to the services that best fit an emerging market.
"There is a specific option of mobile broadband tailored to your market’s demands and needs,” says Yang. The carefully researched agenda of the event will bring about high-calibre presentations and business models from the plenary speakers in the three-day event.
Neoedge Telecoms & Research often conducts its research involving the major players from the mobile network operators, consultants, analysts and technology providers to get a balanced outcome as regards to content thus making a detailed and impactful agenda. Upcoming events by Neoedge will be on Mobile VAS in Growth Markets 2010, 4th Mobile Commerce Summit ASIA 2011 and Africa Financial Summit 2011.

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