4th Mobile Commerce Summit Asia 2011

Date: Tue, 11/16/2010 - 12:37

4th Mobile Commerce Summit Asia 2011

Main Conference 15-16 March 2011; Pre-conference 14 March 2011; Post-conference 17 March 2011
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The mobile commerce market in Asia has been growing extremely fast in the past few years and everyone has no doubt it will even accelerate in the year of 2011. Pioneer stakeholders including from regulators, retailers, telecom operators, banks, payment processors, technology providers and hardware vendors have been exploring and proving various business models and partnership. New players continue to enter this market in drove trying to capture a slice of the big pie.
While the prospects are bright, the road has showed us a lot of twists and turns.
Where do the real business opportunities lie? What are the proven project experience and lessons that we can learn from? How to make mobile commerce really benefit the mass? How to build, manage mobile money service network efficiently? How can operators achieve profitability while enhance customer experience through mobile commerce? What are the ignored values of mobile commerce for banks? How can operators and banks work together with regulators to achieve win-win situation? How can merchants benefit more from mobile commerce? How to increase usage of mobile commerce by partnering with trusted financial institutions? What innovative roles can technology and solution providers play at the new stage of mobile commerce? How can regulators manage risk and security properly?
Responding to all these key impressing challenges, The 4th Mobile Commerce Summit Asia aims to create a most comprehensive and effective platform for all the stakeholders to share, discuss, explore, learn and take the first mover advantage.

Key themes and topics:

-2011 Mobility Frontiers Focus Streams on: Mobile Banking, Mobile Money Transfer, Mobile Payments and NFC.
- Analyzing the various successful partnerships in the ecosystem
- Reviewing the right type of business models to suit your goals
- Evaluating technology and innovations that will boom the mobile commerce revenue.
- Discussing how to successfully establish international mobile money Hub
- Increasing usage of m-commerce amongst users with the development of awareness and accessibility
- Exploring the hidden secrets of successors loyalty programs
- Discovering invisible values of mobile commerce for banks
- Understanding the security issues

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