ITU Workshop on ‘IMT for the Next Decade’ held in Bangkok

Date: Wed, 03/23/2011 - 14:34

ITU Workshop on ‘IMT for the Next Decade’ held in Bangkok

The ITU Regional workshop on “IMT for the Next Decade”, which took place in Bangkok, Thailand on 21 March 2011, featured top-level experts from around the world, who came together to look at the market, services and technology required for the development of IMT for the next decade

ITU organized the workshop in close collaboration with the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Royal Government of Thailand. It attracted over 170 participants from 28 countries.
Governments, regulators, industry stakeholder, academia and UN Agencies stressed the necessity of further development of future mobile technologies and services as well as access to sufficient spectrum to ensure the widest availability of broadband services to all users.
ITU plays a leading role in establishing the standards and spectrum arrangements for the current IMT-2000 — or 3G — systems and for “IMT-Advanced”, which provides the global platform for the next generations of mobile broadband services. It is now the right time to review the initial forecasts of spectrum requirements that were made and to assess what further actions may be required to realize the vast potential of global mobile broadband to connect the world. This review is being addressed in ITU’s Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) Study Group and Conference activities.
The workshop examined the trends in data traffic growth due to advanced services and terminals, such as smart phones, and addressed the potential of the Asia-Pacific region in the future mobile market, where it has the highest market share and growth rate. The success of the mobile sector can be emulated by mobile broadband to connect rural and remote areas in a cost effective manner.
Experts at the workshop stressed that access to sufficient spectrum is essential to sustain and further stimulate the growth of mobile broadband in the Asia-Pacific region. The workshop also emphasized the role of ITU in technological and regulatory aspects of mobile broadband standardization activities, including work on IMT development within ITU-R Working Party 5D.
Demands for radio spectrum from broadcasting, wireless and mobile services, as well as emergency communications are calling for the modernization of radio spectrum management to harness the potential offered by new technologies and services. Over 130 countries have already introduced IMT-2000, otherwise known as 3G mobile services, and many countries have been examining the next phase in the development of global mobile broadband: IMT-Advanced. These demands are more pressing in the Asia-Pacific region, which is home to nearly 62 per cent of the world population and to 45.8 per cent of the world’s mobile subscribers. The leading operators and manufacturers of IMT technologies are also based in this region.


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