The Carrier Cloud Conference 2012 in Paris: Transforming service providers business

Date: Thu, 04/19/2012 - 10:38

The Carrier Cloud Conference 2012 in Paris: Transforming service providers business

Upperside Conferences based in Paris will organize the first edition of Carrier Cloud Conference at the Novotel Convention Paris Roissy CDG from 19 to 21 June, 2012

The Carrier Cloud Summit is all about Cloud Networking, Cloud Storage, Orchestration and Data Center operations.

The road to cloud services is a multifaceted compound one, and goes in different directions depending on the focus and intent of the cloud provider.
Huge returns, gaining new client base, long term plans & evolution in client retention, and brand trustworthiness are issues resting on the ability of Service Providers to leverage their data center and IP infrastructure to deliver lucrative network-based IT services. At the same time Carriers have to ensure security of performance and deliver service quality to meet SLA demands. They have to acknowledge best practices for packaging and monetizing XaaS services and applications, and have to learn what works and what does not for vertical industry customization.
The Carrier Cloud Summit will bring together specialists, experts, forecasters, end users and innovators for three days of sessions on Cloud Networking, Cloud storage, Orchestration, cloud implementation, and other related aspects. Participants will have first-hand insight into companies that are building cloud and Big Data solutions today. Our Summit will help enterprise IT divisions to chart a course in coming years, discussing the important issues surrounding standards.
Traditional carriers are investing and aggressively shouldering their way into the cloud computing space. Although they expect large revenues from the promising cloud services market, Carriers however have the disadvantage of not being IT integrators. Enter¬prises are looking for providers that have complex IT skills and can integrate multiple systems. This is a major issue for carriers.
On the telecoms infrastructure side, there are many industry standards and blueprints on which to build a network. Our Summit will unite leaders in this field and cover discussions on how to visualize and automate cloud service operations. And highlight the impor¬tance of virtualizing the network and to control the network’s paths and flows dynamically.
The Carrier Cloud Summit will provide a high-quality technical conference and peer-to-peer interaction on building a cloud infras¬tructure that is controllable, accountable and quantifiable. Project leaders, manufacturers and service developers will address these aspects in detail through up-to-date contributions during the summit.

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