London, one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities in the world, will host IIR’s brand new SDN Summit 2012

Date: Wed, 10/31/2012 - 19:52

London, one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities in the world, will host IIR’s brand new SDN Summit 2012

From the successful coverage of SDN at Carrier Ethernet World Congress and Telco Cloud Summit this year, IIR have answered the market demand to create a focused SDN event

A revolution in networking is on the horizon heralding the beginning of the software era of networking. Software Defined Networking (SDN) or “programmable networks” are being touted as a disruptive technology that will enable the networking layer of the data centre to catch up with servers and storage, which have undergone massive transformations i.e. cloud computing & virtualization. SDNs are set to improve network performance, flexibility and manageability thereby increasing the pace of innovation through software, instead of hardware, enabling an open environment in order to deliver high value, game changing applications for customers.
IIR’s brand new Software Defined Networking Summit, 13 – 14 November 2012, will gather attendees from service providers, technology vendors and IT vendors to discuss and debate how SDN can decrease network costs and simplify the introduction of new services by centralising switch and router intelligence. The migration toward software-defined networks will move faster than network operators’ migration to IP.
Software Defined Networking Summit will equip business’s with the tools to embrace more control and customisation over network infrastructures with SDN.

32% of organizations cite confusion over vendor strategies as a top barrier to SDN adoption 
At IIR's brand new SDN Summit 2012, delegates can seize the opportunity to dispel the confusion and gain a clear SDN strategy.
Attendees are invited to discuss with operators, vendors & SDN innovators from around the world their views of SDN, what it means for operator networks and what the challenges, needs and solutions will be.
Delegate can become the SDN champion for their business by sharing insight into the rapidly evolving SDN vendor ecosystem and what benefits SDN will bring to their network.

Expert Speakers Include:
• British Telecom
• Orange Silicon Valley
• Telefónica
• Belgacom International Carrier CS
• Telekomunikasi Indonesia
• Du
• Colt Telecom
• Telecom Italia
• Everything Everywhere
• Ethernet Alliance
• Metro Ethernet Forum
• Optical Interworking Forum

IIR's SDN Summit will gather attendees from the following sectors:
• Operators
• Telecom Vendors
• IT vendors
• Consultants/analysts

The programme is available for download from

For Delegate Registration:
• Call Booking Hotline: +44 20 7017 7483
• Register online:
• Email:

If you wish to register for press credentials please visit

Any questions about the conference are to be emailed to Timothy Skinner, Conference Producer, 

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