MEF announces 21 participants in 12 proof of concept showcase demonstrations at GEN15

Date: Tue, 09/29/2015 - 17:02

MEF announces 21 participants in 12 proof of concept showcase demonstrations at GEN15

Showcase is the centerpiece of the World’s premier networking event focused on dynamic Third Network services powered by LSO, SDN, NFV, and CE 2.0

The MEF is pleased to announce that 21 companies in 12 participant groups have been selected to showcase interactive Proof of Concept (PoC) demonstrations of new service & technology innovations enabling the future of global networking. The live Proof of Concept Showcase will be the focal point of the GEN15 event ( being held on 16-19 November 2015 at the Omni Hotel in Dallas, Texas. The GEN15 Showcase will feature leading-edge implementations of dynamic Third Network connectivity services with LSO (Lifecycle Service Orchestration), SDN, NFV, and CE 2.0 (Carrier Ethernet 2.0) innovations. 
Selected Showcase participants and themes are listed below and can also be found on the PoC Showcase page on the GEN15 site:

• AT&T: Demonstrate Network on Demand services built on software-defined (SDN) and virtualization (NFV) technologies that allow customers to control, scale, and add new services via direct self-service access.
• RAD, Sandvine, CenturyLink: Demonstrate how communication service providers can deploy application-aware network policy control (Layer 7) in conjunction with Layer 2/Layer 3 SLA assured services for a richer business application experience and greater operational efficiency.
• Ciena, Colt Technology Services: Demonstrate multi-domain lifecycle service orchestration of virtual CPE (vCPE) virtual network functions (VNFs) across an NFV-ready data center infrastructure and an SDN-enabled Carrier Ethernet WAN. This Colt-sponsored, multi-vendor PoC showcases an open and future-proof architecture that allows network operators to efficiently integrate best-in-class VNFs, as well as to rapidly develop and operationalize innovative new NFV-enabled Carrier Ethernet business services.
• Accedian, Cox Business: Demonstrate innovative outdoor strand-mount small cells as-a-service and turn-key indoor backhaul solutions that integrate Carrier Ethernet LSO automation and elastic bandwidth with automated deployment, provisioning, service activation testing, and QoS monitoring. Will showcase how Carrier Ethernet can ubiquitously enable the small cell business case.
• ADVA, Time Warner Cable Business Class: As communication service providers eye the revenue potential of fast and agile service activation facilitated by NFV, they are looking for a seamless evolution path from existing networks and operational processes. PoC participants will demonstrate how MEF-principles can form the basis for optimized NFV performance when combining CE 2.0 demarcation technology with VNF hosting capacity and intelligent supporting functions on the basis of open interfaces and open-source software.
 PCCW Global: Demonstrate one-stop-shop for network connectivity and cloud services with event-driven bandwidth adjustments. The solution is based on an open-framework approach enabling future integration with other network service providers and public cloud service providers.
• CENX: Highlight the criticality of LSO-enabled dynamic assurance when machines are connected across a hybrid physical and virtualized core network.  Without real-time monitoring, troubleshooting, and service restoration LSO capabilities, essential applications, such as home surveillance, are rendered unreliable.
• Cisco: Demonstrate implementation of the Third Network, featuring CE 2.0 Lifecycle Service Orchestration through SDN over a self-healing infrastructure that includes physical and virtual network elements. Will showcase the business benefits of automating service lifecycle orchestration through integrating SDN into the Carrier Ethernet infrastructure to achieving service agility.
• Oracle Communications, Infovista, Juniper Networks: Inspired by the MEF’s Third Network Vision, will demonstrate real-time, zero-touch lifecycle service orchestration and assurance of a multi-site ELAN service over multiple operator networks with physical and self-adjusting NFV components (vCPEs and vPEs), fully integrated into the service providers’ critical business processes to deliver the ultimate NaaS customer experience.
• MRV: Demonstrate distributed NFV utilizing cloud-based multi-factor authentication. Security is often a concern within a distributed NFV environment; however, adding multi-factor authentication via a cloud service provides enhanced security with ease of use – eliminating the need for resources to build and integrate the authentication service into an internal system.
• WebNMS, Omnitron, Veryx: Demonstrate lifecycle service orchestration of an SDN-managed data center and a CE 2.0 WAN network, providing: elastic service creation and delivery; automated service turn-up testing & active performance monitoring; dynamic bandwidth on-demand; OpenMUL-based software abstraction of network control plane & data forwarding plane; and a cloud-based self-service customer SLA portal.
• Wedge Networks: Demonstrate on-demand security services delivered through a service provider network using NFV and cloud orchestration capabilities.

“The Proof of Concept showcase will feature service and technology innovations that deliver on the MEF’s Third Network and LSO visions in relation to CE 2.0, SDN, and NFV,” said Nan Chen, President of the MEF. “The response to our call for participants was exceptional, with more than 30 companies involved in the submission process. We thank each collaborating group and the individual organization for participating. We congratulate the companies who have been selected and look forward to seeing all of these PoC demos in action at GEN15.”
PoC Showcase participants were required to submit proposals based on interactive, on-site, and live networking that demonstrates new and upcoming implementations. Detailed Showcase profiles will be made available on the PoC Showcase page in the near future.

Above, image credited to the MEF

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