Ruud Hendriks will be keynote speaker of the FTTH Conference 2016

Date: Mon, 02/01/2016 - 19:32

Ruud Hendriks will be keynote speaker of the FTTH Conference 2016

The FTTH Council Europe announced that Ruud Hendriks, one of the entrepreneurial icons of the Netherlands, will deliver a keynote presentation on Wednesday 17 February 2016 at the FTTH Conference to be held in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Ruud Hendriks, international speaker and co-founder of Startupbootcamp, the leading start-up accelerator outside the US, will share his experience and vision in a keynote speech at the FTTH Conference 2016. He will provide inspiring insights about entrepreneurs and new businesses that have achieved success thanks to ultra-high speed fibre based infrastructure.
Ruud Hendriks will particularly address the upcoming FTTH Conference’s theme “Calling for a brighter future”. As a respected entrepreneur and visionary, he will base his speech on real-life examples and express his views on where the start-up world is heading and how fibre to the home can enable the services of tomorrow and create a better world.
"I'm really looking forward to inspiring the FTTH Conference audience with my learnings from the 15000 start-ups that apply for Startupbootcamp every year.” said Ruud Hendriks. “We cannot just forecast where the tech industry is heading, but we also see how important the fast roll out of fibre is for the future European economy".
Commenting on Ruud’s keynote presentation, President of the FTTH Council Europe Edgar Aker said: “We are happy to have Ruud Hendriks as a keynote speaker to the FTTH Conference 2016. Ruud brings in impressive background and experience in his earlier career starting commercial television in the Netherlands. We all know video is one of the main drivers of broadband demand. But delegates can also expect Ruud to share his view on how start-ups, new generations of young, enthusiastic entrepreneurs need a reliable, high capacity and future-proof telecom infrastructure based on fibre and how our European economy can benefit from FTTH.”
The FTTH Conference 2016 has also received the high patronage of Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister and Minister for Communications and Media of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Xavier Bettel will deliver the opening speech of the FTTH Conference, officially kicking off the biggest FTTH-related event in the world!
To mark the occasion, the FTTH Council Europe will donate €3,500 to CoderDojo, a volunteer-led global movement of free programming clubs that give young people the opportunity to learn how to code and to be creative in a fun, safe and social environment.

Above, Ruud Hendriks, international speaker and co-founder of Startupbootcamp

Image credited to Startupbootcamp


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