Broadband convergence at ARABCOM Summit in Lebanon

Date: Wed, 05/12/2010 - 18:20

Broadband convergence at ARABCOM Summit in Lebanon

Arabcom Telecom Summit , now in its 12th year will examine the state of network technology adoption in the Arab world, to identify the urgent needs for mobile data growth

Arabcom Telecom Summit will also look at how Mobile WiMax, UMTS/HSPA and FTTH are boosting that growth, and whether strategic decisions by alternative mobile operators and fixed line operators could accelerate 4G uptake.
'Broadband convergence will enable new services and applications that will make mobile broadband the main revenue growth driver in the Arab world due to three main catalysts'.
The first catalyst will be the use of common platforms, which will allow operators in the region to access greater economies of scale when deploying their network.
Second, the potential arrival of Mobile WiMax systems are raising the intensity of the overall battle for mobile broadband adoption.
Third, we expect market entrants and existing challenger operators to deploy LTE networks within the next three years, which will fuel competition and will drive up revenue.
'It is about time for the Arab world to deal with broadband convergence as a necessity for socio economic development and not as an addition to their existing networks' said Katia Tayar founder & President of Arabcom group.

Above, image credited to ITU

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