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The European Commission makes it easier for citizens to access health data securely across borders

The Commission presents a set of recommendations for the creation of a secure system that will enable citizens to access their electronic health files across Member States more
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NetFoundry & BalanceOn partner to implement solutions in support of businesses in the Middle East & Africa

NetFoundry™, the leader of Application-Specific Networking, announces its partnership with BalanceOn the specialized Managed Services Provider (MSP) to bring networking that is beyond next generation to the Middle East and Africa region. Their focus on providing game-changing, smart connectivity solutions that is instant, simple, secure, cost-sensitive, and performant for their customers to become cloud-native and digital more
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Questions and Answers - Commission makes it easier for citizens to access health data securely across borders

The Recommendation aims to allow EU citizens to access securely their health records across Member States more easily. In particular it aims at the creation of a European format that will allow electronic health records being shared in a secure manner at the same time as adhering to data protection rules more
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The new quest for data center efficiency

Research reveals that key IT/Cloud professionals rate network efficiency the number one priority for optimizing data center performance more
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