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Broadband: Commission should do more to digitise european industry

Within his State of the Union 2016 address, President Junker announced a set of proposals to achieve the Gigabit Society by 2025, whereby Europe’s connectivity should reach the speed of 1 gigabit of data per second. These Commission proposals are under the responsibility of Vice President Ansip and Commssioner Oettinger. They include an initiative to equip up to 8000 local communities with Wifi connections. This initiative, known as WiFi4EU, was already welcomed by the European Digital SME Alliance as a step forward to achieve more and better Internet connectivity for all citizens and businesses more
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Atos teams with VMware to launch Digital Private Cloud offering

Atos, a global leader in digital services, today at VMworld 2016 Europe, announced the launch of its Digital Private Cloud offering, part of Atos Canopy Cloud portfolio to accelerate customers’ digital transformation more
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Unicorns and baby unicorns – So adorable but where do they go from here?

Billion-dollar startups are the talk of the town; a unicorn´s CEO can´t sneeze without it showing up on Valleywag, or the founder being parodied on the hit TV show, “Silicon Valley”. Meanwhile, everyone is watching the baby unicorns, the next-generation startups that appear to be on the fast-track to a massive valuation. Not yet household names outside the venture and tech communities, the baby unicorns represent tremendous potential for their investors. Or do they? And there are the reliable technology leaders – not unicorns, not baby unicorns, perhaps not even startups. Solid performers who generate innovation…and revenues. How do they all fit together in the fast-moving industry? more
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Cisco-sponsored study finds cloud adoption is going mainstream

Yet only few organizations are maximizing value more
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