Innovative IT services will be key to driving growth post crisis claims Atos Consulting’s trends report, Look Out

Date: Wed, 08/04/2010 - 12:03

Look Out recognised as an innovation tool by organisations worldwide including Total
Innovative IT services will be key to driving growth post crisis claims Atos Consulting’s trends report, Look Out

Atos Origin, an international IT services company, unveiled the third edition of its independent trends report: Look Out. Developed under the supervision of its consulting division, Atos Consulting, and its Global Innovation Group, the report provides an analysis of both the latest technological innovations and sector-specific business trends. It highlights that businesses should focus on innovative services such as cloud and mobile applications and be ready to adopt new technologies to face post-crisis business challenges.
The report presents a clear, independent, and authoritative source of cross-sector information to help our clients make key decisions about their businesses and keep one step ahead of challenges and opportunities in their markets. Look Out brings together the collective intelligence of the company, highlighting key developments and how to act on them - connecting the dots to highlight opportunities for innovation.
Innovation is not just about something new, it is about doing business better -, better serving customers by using the most appropriate smart technologies available. Business evolutions, such as green policies or smart energy, are now closely interrelated with technological evolutions, which are the catalysts of these transformations. Knowing what to expect from emerging technologies and the latest trends will help customers and companies to make the right decisions and investments.
Companies can no longer afford not to accelerate their processes for adopting new technologies. The rate of change is ever increasing and those who are unable to keep up will simply get left behind. As Darwin once said: “It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones who are most responsive to change”. Look Out has been tailored to stimulate deployment and serve as a platform for Atos Origin clients to build their own strategic plans.
"We were very impressed by Atos Origin‘s Look Out, and especially the technology radars showing both the maturity level of and the impact on the business of the considered technologies. So we asked Atos Consulting to organize workshops in order to develop specific radars for us including recommendations and potential impact on our businesses. These radars and the overview of 40 technologies will be available soon on our Intranet and have become a major Innovation tool for Total worldwide," said Dominique Lefebvre, Director e-Novation, Total.
“Innovation is the differentiator for ensuring success and has always been part of Atos Origin’s DNA. We deliver innovation to our customers, leveraging ideas coming from our sector specialists or technological experts to generate sustainable business improvements. Look Out, together with our innovation workshops, are effective tools to help our clients in their decision making process,” said Marc-Henri Desportes, Executive Vice President Global Innovation, Business Development and Strategy at Atos Origin.


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