Telco Systems' CE 2.0 Certification has Regional Providers "snapping at Tier 1 heels"

Date: Wed, 03/20/2013 - 11:10

Multiple Classes of Service (multi-CoS), end-to-end assured service management, and standardized wholesale interconnect, allow for faster deployments for service providers

Telco Systems' CE 2.0 Certification has Regional Providers "snapping at Tier 1 heels"

Taylor Salman, Telco Systems´s Vice President for Marketing, Product Management and Business Development, at Mobile World Congress 2013, Barcelona


Telco Systems, a BATM company and developer of multi-service Carrier Ethernet access, MPLS and SDN solutions for mobile backhaul ,business Ethernet services and cloud networking, is among the first group of vendors to receive the Metro Ethernet Forum Carrier Ethernet 2.0 certification (CE 2.0). Telco Systems meets this new-generation standard with their CE 2.0-compliant end-to-end Ethernet product portfolio, promising a significant boost for large, medium and small service providers, as well as utilities and city carriers competing in a fast evolving telecommunications market.
"Our MEF CE 2.0-certified Carrier Ethernet solutions enable a service-centric network with new levels of capacity, scalability and reliability, while ensuring greater cost-efficiency and competitiveness," says Moshe Shimon, VP of product line management for Telco Systems. "Our solutions, combined with the assurance of MEF CE 2.0 certification, allow providers to confidently offer new broadband business and wholesale services with greater flexibility, to address customers’ evolving needs. Among the benefits of certified solutions are faster deployments of assured services, monitored and managed in real-time. and simpler interoperability with other carriers’ networks. We’ll see some more mid-site and regional providers like NebraskaLink and Wemacom snapping at the big players’ heels in 2013!"
CE 2.0 extends the original Carrier Ethernet standards with vital added features, including multiple classes of service, greater manageability and easier interconnect for all eight standard service types. These enable new levels of efficiency for mobile backhaul, and make it easier for a large number of access providers to join the Carrier Ethernet community and establish Carrier Ethernet as a business class cloud service carrier. According to Nan Chen, President, MEF, "The main market drivers continue to dominate business: bandwidth growth, mobile data and LTE migration and the growth of public and private cloud computing."
Bob Mandeville, President and Founder of test lab Iometrix, Inc., responsible for the certification process, congratulated the first group of twenty companies to win certification, saying, "CE 2.0 is a difficult accreditation to achieve. To be recognized as CE 2.0 compliant, each company must pass a suite that totals 690 stringent tests. Over 160 companies are now certified for CE 1.0, and the adoption signs for 2.0 are exciting, as the demand for certified products and services is a driving force."


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