NEC is present at Mobile World Congress 2009

Date: Thu, 02/19/2009 - 12:26

NEC is a major player in all areas of the event, with a high profile presence at the conference and on the exhibition floor
NEC is present at Mobile World Congress 2009

NEC’s booth feature innovative mobile wireless broadband related products and solutions such as Femtocell, Long Term Evolution (LTE), Mobile WiMAX, and Mobile Backhaul.
(1) Femtocell: NEC’s Femtocell Node B connects to the operators’ mobile core network over the secure broadband connection using a fully open-standard interface.
(2) LTE: As a leading participant in the 3GPP group that developed the LTE standard, NEC is committed to LTE solutions that feature the highest levels of quality, scalability and interoperability.
(3) Mobile WiMAX: NEC’s Mobile WiMAX enables operators to increase revenue by adding value to their existing networks.
(4) Mobile Backhaul: NEC's PASOLINK has proven high performance for radio link networks around the world, satisfying customers' demands rapidly and being strategically used in their radio links. NEC's PASOLINK has been contributing to and improving world-wide communications networks with its latest wireless advanced technologies.
(5) Mobile phones: NEC is the leading provider of Mobile phones to operators in Japan. In Barcelona, NEC is showing recent models from Japan with various features, including unique design, architectures, touch screen and user interfaces and collaboration with other brands.Additional highlights of the NEC exhibition also include IMS/OSS, Semiconductors, R&D and LIMO Foundation Corner.
(6) IMS/OSS: IMS service platform create value added services. NEC is developing and commercialising next generation SIP servers as IMS platform products based on next-generation networks. The US software company NetCracker, joined NEC’s affiliate in October 2008, and is an expert in OSS (Operations Support System) business.
(7) Semiconductors: NEC Electronics display ‘EMMA Mobile 1’, the next generation multimedia processor for portable multimedia players, one segment broadcasting, and other audio video applications. It offers various functions such as multimedia data processing function and high quality picture technologies while maintaining low power consumption.
(8) R&D: NEC demonstrates network-based personalisation technology that dynamically adapts service delivery to personalisation attributes, such as user preferences, context or device capabilities. The recommended personalised services can deliver targeted content, including advertisements. NEC also shows its advanced Identity Management solution supporting cross-domain single-sign-on, distributed user profile, user-controlled data exposure, and distributed access control. The advantages of Identity Management are demonstrated for mobile TV and Advertising over different network access topologies.
(9) LIMO Corner: The LiMo Foundation is an industry consortium dedicated to creating the first truly open, hardware-independent, Linux-based operating system for mobile devices. MWC introduces the latest broadband technologies, mobile phones, solutions, services and more.

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