Focus on big data by decision-makers

Date: Mon, 10/15/2012 - 10:53

Worldwide online study: T-Systems and TNS Infratest surveyed more than 1,000 IT and expert decision makers: 31% plan the use of in-memory technologies
Focus on big data by decision-makers

Ulrich Meister, Member of the T-Systems Management Board and Head of Systems Integration

Image credited to T-Systems

Big data is increasingly becoming a focal point of IT managers – both due to the rapidly increasing data quantities at companies as well as the necessity of analyzing and evaluating these data in real time. According to a new online study conducted by T-Systems and TNS Infratest amongst more than 1,000 IT and expert decision-makers, big data has even overtaken topics such as outsourcing and collaboration in its relevance. The study was conducted at companies with more than 500 employees in nine countries. Primarily represented were industries which are being faced with big data to a large extent, including manufacturing, automotive, distributors, retail, telecommunications/IT, banks and insurance companies, corporate services, the public sector, etc.

Big data is on the way to becoming a megatrend
According to IDC, the worldwide total quantity of information passed the zetabyte mark in 2011, which corresponds to a billion terabytes. In order to best support and manage business processes, companies must be able to spontaneously process incoming information, even if this information stems from the most varied of data sources and are, in part, badly structured or not structured at all.
The results show that there is clear problem awareness for the topic of big data. The results of the study attribute a great deal of potential to in-memory technologies for mastering current challenges: Today, 16% of surveyed companies are already using in-memory technologies for processing their data and 31% are planning to use them. In-memory technologies play a central role in data management strategy in over half of companies. In addition, 90% of those ICT decision-makers who are already using in-memory report good and very good experiences with the technologies.
“The study showed that the topic of big data is gaining steam. In addition to permitting the analysis of huge data quantities, this technology will also bring about improvements in operational and managerial processes,” says Ulrich Meister, Member of the T-Systems Management Board and Head of Systems Integration. “We see innovation potential in this area, which will make possible new business fields and applications.”


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