Earthquake update: NTT Com services gradually restored

Date: Tue, 03/22/2011 - 13:07

NTT Communications (NTT Com) announced today that it is steadily restoring communications services, although some still remain disrupted following the powerful earthquake that hit the Tohoku region of Japan

Earthquake update: NTT Com services gradually restored

Some 12,500 lines for IP-VPN and e-VLAN services have been recovered out of the 15,000 that were rendered temporally unavailable in Tohoku during peak disruption.
A major impact on international communication services was avoided by successfully using other routes to bypass damaged submarine cables connecting Japan with the rest of Asia and the United States. Ships are now at sea working on the damaged cables, which NTT Com plans to return to service sometime between April and early May.
Emergency power generators have been installed in communication facilities and data centers to prevent disruption of related communication services due to rolling blackouts that are being implemented by Tokyo Electric Power and Tohoku Electric Power.
Services are also being steadily restored by other members of the NTT Group operating in the Tohoku region, including NTT East’s fixed telephone and optical-fiber access services and NTT DOCOMO’s mobile services. The NTT Group has set up free public phones and mobile base-station vehicles at evacuation centers and other strategic locations, and is offering phone- and Internet-based systems to help people confirm the safety and whereabouts of others.
Akira Arima, NTT Com President and CEO, said "In this time of great suffering, the NTT Group is pursuing all available measures to restore disrupted communications services and facilities with the aiming of providing maximum support for disaster relief and recovery efforts."

NTT Com launches free enterprise hosting, WLAN and social network management services following earthquake
NTT Communications announced today that it has begun offering free use of its HOTSPOT™ public wireless local area network (WLAN) and OCN HOTSPOT public WLAN services for “OCN” Internet access subscribers nationwide, aiming to maximize access to mobile communications following the Tohoku-Pacific Offshore earthquake that hit Japan on March 11. NTT Com also began offering enterprises in the disaster areas free use of its Biz Hosting cloud-based hosting service and CoTweet, social media management platform for corporations using Twitter and Facebook.
Existing subscribers to HOTSPOT Courses 1-3, or either fixed or pay-as-you-go OCN HOTSPOT, qualify immediately for free service. Current non-subscribers also can qualify by simply signing up at (HOTSPOT Course 1-3, Japanese only) or (OCN HOTSPOT, Japanese only). Free service will be offered through March.
The free Biz Hosting cloud-based services include integrated-network Biz Hosting Basic, customizable Biz Hosting Enterprise and one-stop, globally unified Biz Hosting Global. NTT Com also invites companies to coordinate disaster-related communication free of charge through the CoTweet platform for keyword searching, user engagement and management of Twitter and Facebook.
NTT Com is offering free Biz Hosting and CoTweet services to support relief efforts by government bodies, mass transit organizations and other entities that are providing critical lifelines, such as electricity, gas and water. Free service is expected to be offered for about one month.


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