Overture accelerates Carrier Ethernet innovation with introduction of next generation Gigabit Ethernet Access Device (EAD)

Date: Tue, 05/28/2013 - 11:20

Newest member of the Open Service Delivery Family, Overture 65 delivers performance assured Ethernet, lays the foundation for tomorrow’s software-defined services
Overture accelerates Carrier Ethernet innovation with introduction of next generation Gigabit Ethernet Access Device (EAD) The Overture 65, the industry’s most sophisticated gigabit optical Ethernet Access Device (EAD)

Overture, innovating at the metro edge for service providers and network operators worldwide, recently introduced the Overture 65, the industry’s most sophisticated gigabit optical Ethernet Access Device (EAD). Immediately available in multiple configurations, it is the ideal Carrier Ethernet on-ramp for performanceassured mobile backhaul and enterprise cloud services. The Overture 65 joins the recently announced Ensemble Open Services Architecture™ (OSA) and 6500 Service Delivery Platform as part of a complete solution for software-defined and virtualized services at the metro edge.
“As service providers and network operators look to the future and how they can differentiate their services, they are working to improve dynamic service agility and real-time performance assurance,” said Stan Hubbard, senior analyst with Heavy Reading. “In order to deliver in these areas, the network must rely on increasingly sophisticated Ethernet Access Devices. And, if properly integrated into an automated and open architecture, the next generation of EADs will usher in a new wave of services that we can only begin to imagine. With the introduction of the 65, Overture is raising the bar for all Carrier Ethernet equipment providers.”

The latest entry into Overture’s Open Service Delivery Family, the Overture 65 combines a state-of-the-art Carrier Ethernet feature set with a future-friendly design, at an unprecedented value point. The 65 fundamentally alters the economics of service delivery. An innovative, next generation optical EAD, it advances Ethernet service delivery in a number of areas:

- Rich service assurance features – A full suite of CE2.0 demarcation tools, hierarchical QoS, and an sFlow monitoring agent; layer 3 features including RIP, NAT, and multicast eliminate the need for CPE router for many IP services.
- Unmatched operational efficiency – Reduced operational expenses and service delivery acceleration through zero-touch commissioning, multi-operator OAM, integrated AC power, and Green Ethernet ultra-low power consumption.
- Greater capacity – Non-blocking 7Gb/s switching capacity, full line rate classification on all ports, support for up to 64 EVCs, and 1024 QoS classification rules addresses both demarcation and small aggregation applications.
- Exceptional precision – Hardware-based OAM and exacting IEEE1588v2 implementation backed by nanosecond accuracy for mobile synchronization, precision one-way delay measurements, and less than three microseconds of latency delivers high-powered performance for financial and mobile backhaul applications.
- Superior reliability – Support for G.8031, G.8032v1 and G.8032v2 rings, as well as link aggregation create highly resilient network topologies; extremely low-power, fan-less design ensures 99.999 percent or greater service availability.
- Forward-looking architecture – Provider bridging (Q-in-Q) and MPLS-TP support offers a migration path to seamless MPLS networking, and integration with Overture’s Ensemble OSA ensures a path to future software defined services and network functions

“Overture’s service provider customers continue to look for innovative ways to accelerate and optimize service creation, activation, and assurance. They must differentiate their services by introducing new revenue-generating capabilities quickly and reliably,” said Vijay Raman, vice president of product management and marketing, Overture. “Carrier Ethernet 2.0 was an important advancement last year, but service providers and operators now need a clear path to software-defined and virtualized services. The Overture 65 offers that path. We are pleased to introduce this game-changing Ethernet Access Device as part of Overture’s complete metro edge solution.”


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