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Four Galileo spacecraft are prepared for their december Ariane 5 launch

Payload processing for Arianespace’s second Ariane 5 mission in support of Europe’s Galileo global navigation system has reached full speed, with all four satellites now at the Spaceport

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VMware charts networking's software-defined future for enterprises and service providers with intent to acquire VeloCloud

VMware will address end-to-end automation, application continuity, and security from data center to edge with industry-leading software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) solution

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Rima Qureshi named chief strategy officer for Verizon

Rima Qureshi, former president and CEO of Ericsson North America, has been named executive vice president and chief strategy officer for Verizon Communications Inc., effective November 6

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Amazon Web Services now available to customers from data centers in the UK

Cloud pioneer expands global infrastructure footprint with the new AWS Europe (London) Region, enabling customers to run applications and store data in the UK at low latency

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Cylance named to first-ever Forbes 2016 World’s Best 100 Cloud companies list

Cylance® was named to the first-ever Forbes 2016 Cloud 100, the definitive list of the top 100 private cloud companies in the world, developed in partnership with Bessemer Venture Partners

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Atos completes successfully 200,000 hours of testing for Rio 2016 Olympic Games

The technology for the most connected Olympic Games to date passes all major tests from cyber security attacks to natural disasters more
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Less clutter. More clout

Primary storage is the privileged data, held close to the processor on costly rapid access chips, allowing lightning fast availability for on-going critical computing. Secondary storage plays the Cinderella role, holding less urgent data that will or might sometimes be wanted on whatever storage media are available. It’s the difference between having a textbook open on your desk, versus knowing there is a copy in the library should it be needed

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Unicorns and baby unicorns – So adorable but where do they go from here?

Billion-dollar startups are the talk of the town; a unicorn´s CEO can´t sneeze without it showing up on Valleywag, or the founder being parodied on the hit TV show, “Silicon Valley”. Meanwhile, everyone is watching the baby unicorns, the next-generation startups that appear to be on the fast-track to a massive valuation. Not yet household names outside the venture and tech communities, the baby unicorns represent tremendous potential for their investors. Or do they? And there are the reliable technology leaders – not unicorns, not baby unicorns, perhaps not even startups. Solid performers who generate innovation…and revenues. How do they all fit together in the fast-moving industry?

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Software defined cloud networking – the formless in pursuit of the ephemeral?

What are the key drivers here: Is it service orchestration and operational management? Improving CAPEX and OPEX? Migrating legacy technology? Product differentiation? Or simply inertia or apathy by enterprise customers who haven’t taken the time to understand SDN?

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Gartner identifies three megatrends that will drive digital business into the next decade

2017 Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle Garners insight from more than 2,000 technologies more
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Data visionaries help companies thrive by disrupting and reshaping industries through digital transformation

Data thrivers have three times greater new customer acquisition, employee productivity, and increased profitability more
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Banking industry embracing emerging technology according to new VMware survey

78 percent of respondents say AI voice-based banking has the potential to be transformative in retail banking more
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