Atos and Siemens strengthen their global alliance

Date: Wed, 11/04/2015 - 19:41

Global IT agreement expanded by €3.23 billion with committed minimum volumes to reach 8.73 billion by end 2021
Atos and Siemens strengthen their global alliance

Siemens and Atos demonstrate importance of their Global Alliance during visit by German Chancellor and French President to French-German Digital Conference on 27th October, 2015 in Paris

Image credited to Atos

Following a strategic review that was launched in July 2015, Atos and Siemens announced that they have decided to further strengthen their global alliance. The two companies have decided to extend their existing IT agreement, to further develop their joint business cooperation and commercial initiatives and to enhance their existing R&D programs. Furthermore Siemens will extend its lock-up shareholder commitment in Atos until September 30, 2020. Siemens is the largest shareholder of Atos, holding 12.5 million shares or 12% of the current capital of Atos. In a separate transaction, Atos announced today its intent to acquire Unify, the number three world leader of integrated communications solutions.
Joe Kaeser, President and CEO of Siemens AG, said: “I am pleased with the technological journey, the extensive business cooperation, and the shareholder value creation that Atos has performed since the start of our Global Partnership, which is a benchmark in the IT-Industry. Based on these achievements, I am pleased to announce, that Atos will extend its support to Siemens in the IT services area and in the implementation of our digitalization agenda. Since with this, I see an even greater value creation potential, we have decided to remain shareholder of Atos for the next five years.”
Thierry Breton, Chairman and CEO of Atos said: “I am delighted that Siemens decided to extend its shareholding in Atos for the next five years to support Atos in the journey to create the European world leader in the digital world. After four years of successful collaboration, Siemens renewed its confidence in Atos through a significant extended volume of business commitment to support its digital transformation. Our strategic Alliance has been recognized as the preferred European player for digital services for global companies and in the Top 3 worldwide in most digital activities (Cloud, Big Data, Social Mobility …).”
The IT contract signed in July 2011 for a 7-year period has been extended with minimum committed volumes increased by €3.23 billion, from € 5.5 billion to € 8.73 billion for the period from July 1st, 2011 to December 31, 2021. In addition to Managed Services, Application Management and Systems Integration projects initially contracted, the scope now covers the digitalization of Siemens business divisions including Cloud services, Industrial Data Analytics, and Cyber security.
Atos and Siemens are also exploring further opportunities for joint collaborations to support their digitalization strategy, especially in the fields of digital remote service, internet of things and cyber security – all necessary for Industry 4.0. Atos and Siemens presented their digital solutions at the French-German Digital Conference last week in Paris.
The joint innovation investment program of Atos and Siemens has been increased from the initial funding of €100 million to €150 million. The two companies have developed a variety of joint software solutions for manufacturing, utilities, traffic management and data centers. Just recently, Atos and Siemens introduced a pre-configured analytics platform to accelerate their digitalization transformation, especially in the field of smart data and digital services. This platform has been recognized by industry analysts as exceeding market standards and providing a unique competitive advantage to the companies’ customers.
The Atos-Siemens alliance has by far over delivered on the original expectations for joint business. The alliance generated many successful wins through early engagement and strong collaboration, complementary offerings and joint investments to create unique solutions. Atos and Siemens offer joint services to 130 major customers through 25 collaboration areas covering various domains, such as manufacturing, transportation, energy and utilities, infrastructures.


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