A position statement from the European Connected Health Alliance on “The UK Decision to leave the EU”

Date: Thu, 06/30/2016 - 12:32 Source: The European Connected Health Alliance

A message from Brian O’Connor, Chair, ECHAlliance
A position statement from the European Connected Health Alliance on “The UK Decision to leave the EU”


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We like many in the UK had anticipated a vote in favour of “Remain”. The Leave vote won and the consequences of that, both for the UK and for Europe and further afield is the subject of much debate and speculation.
The European Connected Health Alliance, perhaps better known as the ECHAlliance, represents over 500 member organisations and a global community of 16,500 drawn from academia, health and social care providers, industry, governments and policy makers, patient groups, funders and investors.
ECHAlliance, is a truly strong European organisation with members from almost every EU Member State, Ecosystems in many European Countries, with many more planned to launch this year. Our European mentality is reflected as well in our operations with our multi-national team, based in UK, Spain and Germany.
We, with the support of you, the Community, have created an effective Network of Ecosystems and our online Connector Platform.
We have connected many organisations and led collaboration across Europe, by breaking down silos and by concentrating of finding practical solutions to real needs.
The coalition and collaboration of the willing is based on the need and desire to work together across organisational, economic, sector and legal borders.

The Future
Whenever there is uncertainty it is important to provide clarity if possible.
We will continue to do what we do now, but at an accelerated pace and we will continue to expand our Ecosystem Network across Europe, the UK and beyond, continuing to offer our members real opportunities.
In two years time or more, when the UK leaves the EU, we will carry on doing what we do now, across Europe and across the UK.
We understand that you as members of the Community, wherever you are located, want to continue to collaborate with each other, we know that our UK members and Community want to continue the many collaborations, which exist today.
On a practical front we in the ECHAlliance will ensure that we as a legal entity can continue to participate in EU Calls, we are currently a Northern Ireland registered Community Interest Company (more often referred to as a not-for-profit) but have contingency plans to move that registration to another EU jurisdiction.
A practical question to which there appears to be no clear answer just yet is, what will the UK do to replace the EU funding it receives in our sectors.
Will the EU continue to allow UK entities to participate in EU Calls after the UK leaves?
We know many of our UK members participate in Horizon 2020 and other Calls collaborating with many other EU organisations and no doubt you are anxious to find answers as well.
When clarity is available we will stand ready to collaborate with you in whatever new arrangements are announced.
Innovation knows no boundaries and the need for it in healthcare and social care is as great regardless of Brexit. The ECHAlliance has an increasing number of Ecosystems and members outside the EU and this can now include our UK members and Ecosystems. Perhaps for our UK members and Ecosystems our role and work will be even more important to maintain and grow international links.
So in confused and uncertain times, our message is that we and you have achieved much, with much still to do and together we will find ways to keep doing what we must for the benefit of all.


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