The 2009 Young Talent Plan

Date: Tue, 06/02/2009 - 18:05

Atos Origin, an international IT services company, today announced the launch of its 2009 Young Talent Plan. The company confirms that it is continuing to recruit with 3,500 new hires planned to join in 2009 (including 700 in France), of which 50% will be young graduates

The 2009 Young Talent Plan Pôle Universitaire Leonardo De Vinci students at classroom

The plan also includes 800 internship opportunities (including 500 in France) alongside the development of closer relationships with business schools, colleges and universities as well as the deployment of work-study and apprenticeship programs

Increasing the proportion of young graduates among new hires
Despite a challenging economic environment, in 2009 Atos Origin plans to hire 3,500 people (including 700 in France), of which 50% will be young graduates with priority given to those entering their professional life for the first time. Hiring young graduates is a major focus of Atos Origin’s human resources strategy. In this era of fast technological and economic change, hiring young graduates trained in the latest technologies is critical to the future success of the Company.
Atos Origin offers its employees a broad professional perspective and the opportunity to build a rewarding career. With its worldwide presence and its broad range of professional services, Atos Origin provides training programs across all its business lines and in all its markets worldwide, with a particular focus on employees in the early stages of their career. The range of career opportunities as well as regular training programmes throughout their careers means that graduates joining Atos Origin are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to lead successful careers.

Many more internships and closer relationship with business schools, colleges and universities
Internships are an excellent springboard for introducing students to the professional world. In 2009, Atos Origin will host around 800 interns, including 500 in France. For Atos Origin, this programme increases the students’ awareness of the vast range of exciting jobs available in IT, while building the highest quality relationships with young people during their studies and in the perspective of their future professional choices. To be in a stronger position once the crisis is behind us, Atos Origin is strengthening its relationship with business schools, colleges and universities.
Despite the additional resources required in terms of management, Atos Origin has decided to open its doors to more first and second-year students. Compared to third-year students, whose internship lasts at least 6 months and whose skills are more advanced; first and second-year students have short internships and are still novices in their field. Atos Origin wishes to establish early relationships with young students and offers them the opportunity to further their understanding of the company, its businesses and its challenges, helping them to prepare more effectively for their entry into the professional world.. By enabling them to experience first-hand the enormous potential inherent in the IT industry, internships also reassure students about their future prospects. For the 250 experienced managers mobilized to supervise the young interns, this will be an excellent opportunity to increase their own capabilities in terms of tutoring, management and knowledge transfer.

Work-study and apprenticeship programs
Working with the French IT federation Syntec, Atos Origin has been an industry pioneer in offering apprenticeship and work-study programs. In 2009, Atos Origin will offer 200 contracts for apprenticeship and work-study programs. The students work for the Company for six to nine months on work-study programs and two years for apprenticeships. While they are mainly offered to candidates studying for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in IT, they may also be used for support functions such as secretarial services, HR and finance. These programs provide an opportunity for students to emerge themselves in real-world projects, adapt their classroom lessons to business needs and get a real taste of working life.
To step up its commitment in this area, Atos Origin has formed partnerships with the Leonard de Vinci and ESIEA engineering schools, undertaking to host around 20 of their students.

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