Colt manufactures and ships data centre to Iceland

Date: Wed, 10/12/2011 - 11:42

Verne Global opens for business enabled by Colt´s Modular Data Centre
Colt manufactures and ships data centre to Iceland Jeff Monroe, CEO at Verne Global, at NetEvents EMEA Press and Analyst Summit Rome 2011

Colt, Europe’s leading information delivery platform, announced that Verne Global, a data centre developer and operator, has selected Colt’s Modular Data Centre for its dual-sourced renewable energy facility in Iceland. This is the world's first mission critical data centre with zero-emissions to be manufactured and constructed in less than four months.
Colt has manufactured a 500m2 data centre hall in the UK which will be shipped to Keflavik, Iceland early next month. A total of 37 modules will be transported by sea and assembled within weeks at the Verne Global data centre campus in Iceland.
“This is a very interesting project and shows how the industry is transforming,” commented Chris Ingle, Associate Vice President, IDC. “Verne Global's Iceland location and dual source renewable energy provides a combination of sustainability and cost visibility. Colt's approach to data centre build provides a fast and flexible way of fitting out the space. The ability to provide a traditional data centre more efficiently than is currently the case provides a strong alternative in the market.”
“Partnering with Colt enables us to have a purpose-built facility that will be in operation before the end of 2011, supporting our mission of delivering the world’s first dual-sourced renewably powered data centre,” said Jeff Monroe, CEO at Verne Global. “We see a strong demand in the colocation market and we required a partner who could provide highly resilient, flexible data centre space, configured to our specific technical requirements”
Mr. Monroe added, “With Colt’s modular approach, we have the ability to streamline the design process while leveraging Colt's factory controlled fabrication process to ensure quality. This approach also provides Verne Global with the opportunity to quickly scale capacity to address customer demand in a rapid timeframe.”
Verne Global’s data centre campus is strategically located so its customers benefit from Iceland’s unique power sources of 100 percent geothermal and hydroelectric power. Colt has customised its modular design to optimise Iceland’s temperate climate to ensure that free, fresh air cooling is available 365 days a year.
Bernard Geoghegan, Executive Vice President at Colt Data Centre Services added, “We are continuously working to improve our modular design allowing customers to operate at maximum efficiency no matter what the environmental conditions or where the data centre is located. We can deliver it almost anywhere in the world.”
Geoghegan added, “The customisation of Verne Global’s data centre campus demonstrates this flexible approach to our customers’ needs. More importantly, we can deliver it all in a very short period of time – less than four months – truly setting us apart from the competition.”


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