NetEvents will celebrate 40 years of Ethernet Innovation

Date: Sat, 03/30/2013 - 20:53

Ethernet Innovation Summit in Mountain View, California, on the May 22 to 24, 2013 is being held in association with Ethernet inventors Bob Metcalfe and Dave Boggs, Palo Alto Research Centre (where Ethernet was invented on May 22, 1973), the MEF and the Computer History Museum

NetEvents will celebrate 40 years of Ethernet Innovation Bob Metcalfe, father of Ethernet

May 22nd 1973 was the day the Ethernet concept was first outlined in a memo from the young Bob Metcalfe at Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Centre (PARC) and, forty years on, this key moment in the history of human communications is being celebrated in the form of a two day Ethernet Innovation Summit looking at past, present and future innovations in networking.

This Summit comprises of THREE events in a single location:
• The Ethernet Innovation conference organised in conjunction with PARC

• Innovation “Oscars” to benefit CHM's STEM  initiative, hosted by Ethernet co-inventors Bob Metcalfe, Dave Boggs and attended by many of Silicon Valley’s “movers and shakers” and VC community

• The NetEvents Global Press & Analyst Summit – meet with a delegation of top level executives from international telecommunications and networking organizations. 

The conference topics include:
• Ethernet war stories and the inventors of Ethernet
• Ethernet or Ethernot?
• Future Network Architectures
• Carrier Ethernet and the Cloud
• SDN is not the future – it’s now!
• Cloud Services
• Datacenter solutions shoot-out
• 802.11 ac - breakthrough? Or more of the same?
• Cybercrime security challenges
• Advances in WAN infrastructure technologies
• Government, Academia & Industry in fruitful partnership to drive innovation

Bob Metcalfe – 40 years of Ethernet Innovation - documentary:

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