MEF Carrier Ethernet certified professionals triple in 12 months as MEF-CECPs exceed 1,000

Date: Wed, 10/02/2013 - 14:47

The Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) announces that the number of MEF Carrier Ethernet Certified Professionals (MEF-CECPs) has more than tripled over the past 12 months.  This is due in great part to the number of service providers and network equipment vendors that have adopted the telecommunications industry’s first vendor-independent certification as part of their job training/career development programs

MEF Carrier Ethernet certified professionals triple in 12 months as MEF-CECPs exceed 1,000

Kevin Vachon, Chief Operating Officer, MEF, at NetEvents EMEA Press Spotlight on The Cloud, Nice, France


At a current global count of 1,092 MEF-CECPs, spread across 47 countries and 190 companies, 25 of those companies now have more than 10 MEF-CECPs in their organisation.  These companies include:
• Fujitsu Network Communication
• Tata Communications
• TW Telecom
• Rogers Communications
• Alaska Communications
• Overture Networks

A full breakdown of all MEF-CECPs can be found on the MEF's Ethernet Academy website.

“Reaching the milestone of our 1,000th MEF-CECP in such a short time-frame is an important proof point of the value being placed on this certification by a wide cross-section of Carrier Ethernet equipment vendors and service providers, around the world,” said Nan Chen. “And, while North America continues to lead with over 50% of all MEF-CECPs and nearly 230% growth since July 2012, the MEF-CECP program is also seeing success in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region with a 205% growth rate, and 25% of the global MEF-CECP count.”
The MEF-CECP certification program adoption follows a similar pattern across all regions over the past year with a 190% growth in Middle East/Africa (MEA), 157% in Central America/Latin America (CALA) and 87% in Europe.
Fujitsu has held the top spot for 15 months, with 92 MEF-CECPs, followed by Tata Communications.  “Carrier Ethernet has transformed network services – consider the evolution of cell site backhaul as one data point,” said Ralph Santitoro, Director of Strategic Market Development at Fujitsu and co-chair of the MEF’s Professional Certification subcommittee. “Carrier Ethernet knowledge is required across all organizations that define, design, sell and support products.  We see strong demand for MEF-certified Carrier Ethernet skills and have ensured we have plenty of MEF-CECPs to best help our customers ride the Carrier Ethernet wave.”

According to the latest forecast from Ovum, the CE Enterprise Market is set to reach $60bn by 2018. Supporting this growth will be the 1,000 MEF-CECPs certified as of today, and the tens of thousands more who will join them by 2018".
Close to 50% of all the MEF-CECPs are from Tier 1 and Tier 2 service providers. Tata Communications leads the way for service providers with 63 MEF-CECPs in its organization, followed closely by TW Telecom and Time Warner Cable.  Henry Bohannon, Senior Director of Ethernet Product Management at Tata Communications explains: “A large pool of MEF-CECPs supports our credibility as a premier, global, Carrier Ethernet service provider. It underlines our policy of investing in people as well as infrastructure and assures our customers receive the highest levels of support”.
On the occasion of its 1,000th MEF-CECP milestone, the MEF is also recognizing the top scoring 1% of examinees that passed the rigorous MEF-CECP exam. 

These include:

Larry MacFadyen (ADVA Optical Networking SE)

Isabelle Morency (Carrier Ethernet Academy)

Jean-Francois Levesque (Fibrenoire)

Arun Bheemarao (Tellabs)

Jose Del Riso (Tellabs)

Thomas Rarick (Tellabs)


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