10 Predictions for video conferencing solutions in 2010

Date: Mon, 04/19/2010 - 16:07 Source: Vidyo press department

Who will Dominate, Who will Deliver, and Who will Disappear?
10 Predictions for video conferencing solutions in 2010 Ofer Shapiro, Vidyo CEO and co-founder

Vidyo, the pioneer in Personal Telepresence, believes that change is on the horizon in the videoconferencing market in 2010. Vidyo´s predictions for this year:

1. 2010 will be the first year when corporate funded, large-scale desktop solutions will be the largest market growth segment in video conferencing.
2. Unified Communications and social media platforms will include a videoconferencing function, and by the end of the year, no market leader offering will be available without video.
3. Error-resilient multipoint video conferencing will emerge as a killer app for 3G/4G wireless networks.
4. The H.264/SVC standard will be embraced by many video conferencing vendors, but successfully delivered by the few who can eliminate the MCU.
5. New market entrants will announce exciting SVC-enabled videoconferencing solutions and services.
6. The broadcast world will begin to embrace H.264/SVC to reshape broadcast television delivery.
7. The economics associated with operating costs (network expense, the need for managed services, and on-going maintenance) will become a primary buying criterion in the purchase of room systems that can provide telepresence-like audio and video quality.
8. Enterprise-quality desktop video conferencing software will become part of the solution for decreasing the cost and raising the quality of healthcare in the U.S.
9. Religious organizations and churches will use desktop video conferencing to change the way they communicate and extend their reach.
10. Higher education, government continuity and recovery plans, and the broadband build-out to rural communities, funded by President Obama´s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) will create stimulus for growth in desktop video conferencing.


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