Wedge joins MEF to boost world’s Third Network security

Date: Mon, 10/06/2014 - 13:40

Security to be key element in MEF’s new global network vision
Wedge joins MEF to boost world’s Third Network security

Dr Hongwen Zhang, President and CEO of Wedge Networks

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Network security specialist Wedge Networks announced that it has joined the MEF. Wedge has expressed a commitment to promoting Security as a Service as a key contribution to the MEF’s recently announced the world’s Third  Network vision of Agile, Assured and Orchestrated networking delivered worldwide as a service.
“Security is a key indicator of a high quality network service” according to Dr Hongwen Zhang, President and CEO of Wedge Networks. “The mobile worker’s first priority is to be connected, and the Internet is available almost anywhere. But security is the next vital concern: as a service it should be available anywhere, personalized to the user’s needs. Wedge is specialized in weaving advanced security in large service provider networks as cloud based services. Its technology is high performance, software defined, seamlessly embedded in these networks to provide thorough security for all endpoints. It aligns well with the new MEF vision”
The world’s Thid Network proposes worldwide Network as a Service (NaaS), to remove today’s split between: a) a business service that take months to establish but promises assured performance and security, and b) ubiquitous, on demand Internet/IP connectivity that leaves users to deal with security and performance issues. The Third Network is an evolution of network connectivity to better align with the dynamic and virtualized nature of cloud-based services. When providing connectivity as a service for different types of customers, data and network security measures taken for granted in a private, static network become a critical concern.
Wedge sees security as a service as a vital subset of the MEF vision of agile, assured and orchestrated services. Agility means that security measures must be rapidly and easily provisioned – the more painful the provision the greater risk of security being sidelined. Assurance means that once one has signed up for a certain level and type of security, that same service should be provided whenever and wherever the user connects. Orchestration of the security policy and implementation will ensure that this service and its management remains consistent across any number of intervening network segments.
Dr Hongwen Zhang went on to explain: “Users expect consistent security protection, regardless of where or how they are attached to the network. Monitoring, reporting and security analytics should also be consistently available. For machine-to-machine coverage, this is all the more important because the IoT (Internet of Things) is typically lacking in built-in defenses.”
According to MEF President, Nan Chen: “There has been a very positive response from the industry to our Third Network announcement. Wedge was very quick to take up this challenge from a security perspective as their technology will deliver the advanced virtualized network security capabilities necessary to satisfy the automation, scalability and robustness of the Third Network. Wedge are already highly respected for their pioneering work with the CloudEthernet Forum (CEF). We are delighted to expand their expertise further by welcoming them on board the MEF to play an instrumental role in the development of our vision.”

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