NTT ICT chooses Mellanox end-to-end 25G and 100G Ethernet solutions to accelerate their Multi-Cloud service offering

Date: Mon, 10/22/2018 - 15:32

Mellanox Ethernet solutions and Cumulus Networks enable leading cloud provider to deliver and manage a wide range of on-demand services in the most scalable and efficient way

NTT ICT chooses Mellanox end-to-end 25G and 100G Ethernet solutions to accelerate their Multi-Cloud service offering

Kevin Deierling, vice president of marketing, Mellanox Technologies


Mellanox® Technologies, Ltd., a leading supplier of high-performance, end-to-end smart interconnect solutions for data center servers and storage systems, announced that end-to-end Mellanox Ethernet solutions have been selected by NTT Communications ICT Solutions (NTT ICT) to accelerate their multi-cloud data centers.  NTT ICT selected industry-leading 25G and 100G Ethernet networking technology from Mellanox including: Spectrum-based switches running Cumulus Linux, ConnectX® adapters, and LinkX cables and transceivers. NTT ICT, a premium global IT provider delivering solutions to Australian enterprise and government clients, selected state of the art Mellanox Ethernet technology to enable high-performance, low-latency, and easy to consume cloud-based services, and provide customers multi-cloud service broker solutions.
Enterprises are increasingly adopting multi-cloud strategies to drive their digital transformation. However, managing these multi-cloud platforms can present a challenge. Accelerating their core network with Mellanox’s end-to-end 25G and 100G Ethernet Solutions and the agile, automated, and open networking software from Cumulus Networks, NTT ICT can now offer multi-cloud service broker services. Customers are now able to quickly connect services hosted in NTT ICT’s data centers to other cloud providers and easily consume IP Transit, Storage as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and other managed cloud services.
“We are excited to collaborate with Mellanox and Cumulus to integrate the next generation of software-defined networking into our data centers,” said Tarquin Bellinger, COO at NTT ICT. “In Mellanox and Cumulus, we have found partners that we are confident in to help us deliver a cutting edge, NetOps-driven network for future growth. The new core network will enable us to serve as a multi-cloud service broker with expanded capabilities and easy automation management, offering low latency, fast and scalable services to other cloud providers and our customers.”
“As a global IT leader and critical business driver, NTT ICT is leveraging Mellanox end-to-end Ethernet solutions to broker, deliver and manage a best-in-class, broad range of services to 3rd party cloud providers,” said Kevin Deierling, vice president of marketing, Mellanox Technologies. “We are pleased to provide NTT ICT with the infrastructure needed to expand their business offering to include multi-cloud service brokering.”
“NTT ICT is an outstanding example of a company that is using a modern, web-scale approach to build a network today that will scale to support growth for years to come,” said Josh Leslie, CEO of Cumulus Networks. “We are excited to work with our partners at Mellanox and the team at NTT ICT to roll out Cumulus Linux and Cumulus NetQ to support their developer operations and continuous delivery efforts, enabling network agility across their entire suite of multi-cloud service offerings.”
The Mellanox and Cumulus smart interconnect solutions provide NTT ICT and its customers with a range of benefits:
• Greater agility – Mellanox Open Ethernet Switches combined with Cumulus Linux network operating system, allows NTT ICT to deploy new customer multi-cloud services in minutes and simplify maintenance, using common automation tools;
• Improved uptime – Automation and Continuous Delivery practices are key to achieving improved uptime. By utilizing Cumulus VX for prototyping networking operations and Cumulus NetQ for intelligence into the health and connectivity of the entire network, system upgrades can be pre-tested in DevOps environment and then transferred to the production platform using automation to ensure operational insight and reduce the risk of human error.
• Lower data center operational costs - Mellanox Ethernet and Cumulus Linux solutions are cost effective and offer advanced automation, visualization, and analytics that reduces upfront investment and makes management easier, thus providing a strong return on investment.


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