Experience tomorrow’s Open Cloud at Interop Las Vegas

Date: Wed, 04/29/2015 - 16:14

Cloud Connect Zone showcases live standards development towards enabling secure end-to-end service delivery at near-telephone timescales
Experience tomorrow’s Open Cloud at Interop Las Vegas

Sebastien Jobert, Co-Chair of the OpenCloud Committee in the Open Cloud Connect Forum, at NetEvents Cloud Innovation Summit, San Francisco, California

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How can any technology thrive until global standards are agreed? How can anyone develop global standards for something as fast growing as the cloud? The answers to both questions will be on show at Cloud Connect Zone at Interop, Las Vegas, under the guidance of the members of Open Cloud Connect (OCC), a standards body dedicated to facilitating end to end commercial cloud services between enterprises, carriers, cloud service providers and datacenter operators. The Cloud Connect Zone is the first public presentation of the world’s first iterative standards development process built around a collaborative lab environment.
“Cloud fast became a buzzword for hype – remember all those discussions asking ‘what exactly is the cloud?’” asks OCC President, James Walker. “But this month’s launch of the OCC Reference Architecture has given the world a structure to build the first standard interfaces for cloud services, and with that a much needed common language. For the first time all cloud stakeholders – from users to providers to equipment vendors – can talk and plan together in a meaningful way. This same Reference Architecture is the foundation for our ongoing standards development process – the language and the standards are evolving in sync. How can this be possible? Come to Cloud Connect Zone and see for yourself!”
OpenCloud Connect has found a radical solution to the challenge of developing standards fast enough to keep pace with cloud growth, becoming the first ever Standards Development Organization to integrate an iterative testing initiative at the heart of its standards development process from day one. More than ten major enterprises have co-operated to create a live test bed, enabling fast, innovative development of cloud services tailored to business-critical applications. With live circuits interconnecting multiple data centers to the OpenCloud lab in Silicon Valley, this will be the first public deployment of the OCC Reference Architecture.
Regular presentations on these topics will be given throughout the day at Cloud Connect Zone, with key OCC members hosting the booth and explaining how such diverse organizations are all contributing to OpenCloud Connect. In particular, visitors will see a presentation of the cloud services use cases under test in the OpenCloud lab, illustrating the first on-going testing cycle.
The “Secure and Managed Cloud Service” use case – presented by OCC members Hubble, Comcast, Wedge and Spirent – should prove especially reassuring: Hubble is a publically hosted HTML5 cloud service providing financial reporting, analytics, and planning capabilities against an enterprise privately hosted database accelerator that mirrors customer business data. Comcast is providing the link to the OpenCloud lab (representing the enterprise data center), while Spirent simulates a mix of legitimate enterprise traffic and malicious traffic trying to compromise the public cloud service. Meanwhile Wedge is securing the connection by preventing data leakage, providing elastic compute/security capability and active prevention of threat injections. This use case will highlight the performance/security advantages over public Internet, while helping to determine best practices for IaaS/NaaS standard commercial services.
Other use cases include “Dynamic End-to-End Provisioning and Activation of Connectivity” between and inside datacenters and “Real-Time Communication as a Service” or CaaS, demonstrating mobility of virtual machines in a multi-tenant environment. Liam Kiely, VP Fabrics & Infrastructure at Avaya – the company heading the CaaS case – emphasizes the long-term importance of these use cases:  “We are thrilled to contribute to the first wave of the Open Cloud Connect Reference Architectures. We are confident that customers implementing the Open Cloud Connect independently verified solutions will experience greater levels of innovative service delivery for years to come.”
Jennifer Jessup, General Manager, Interop explains the further importance the Cloud Connect Zone to Interop: “This will really help attendees weigh their options. Cloud-related spending is increasing across all sectors, but it is still a challenge deciding which cloud architecture and platform presents the best immediate option – let alone long term strategy – for their business. So we are especially delighted that the OCC have agreed to launch this showcase with us.”


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