MEF Champions Zero-Touch Service Orchestration at TM Forum Live!

Date: Tue, 06/02/2015 - 12:49

Pioneering proof of concept demonstration involves multiple standards organizations, service providers, technology solutions suppliers
MEF Champions Zero-Touch Service Orchestration at TM Forum Live!

Daniel Bar-Lev, Director of Strategic Programs, MEF


Members of TM Forum and MEF are participating in the first multi-standards development organization Catalyst demonstration ever held at TM Forum Live! This pioneering project – Zero Touch Network-as-a-Service: Agile, Assured, and Orchestrated with NFV – is championed by the MEF, PCCW Global, Spectrum Business (formerly Charter Business), and Axtel. It involves technology solutions provided by project leader Oracle, InfoVista, and Juniper Networks.
An example of increased collaboration between the MEF and TM Forum, the project will demonstrate a radically simplified user experience via self-ordering for a complex Carrier Ethernet service. It will have zero-touch orchestration and full integration with critical business and operation processes, across a hybrid network with both physical and virtualized (NFV) infrastructure, including virtualized customer premises equipment (vCPE) functions.
“This Catalyst project is a realization of MEF-defined use cases supporting our Third Network vision and LSO approach,” said Daniel Bar-Lev, Director of Strategic Programs, MEF. “As this work is aligned, by design, with TM Forum’s ZOOM program and ETSI NFV work, our service provider members know that they can begin to deploy commercial-ready agile, assured, and orchestrated network service offerings now.”
“This Catalyst further advances the TM Forum and MEF UNITE program, and clearly demonstrates how standards from the Forum and MEF can align to enable a useful and very compelling use case with NaaS,” said Ken Dilbeck, VP, Collaboration R&D, TM Forum. “This project will offer tangible learnings for service providers globally as they look to enable more dynamic network services over virtualized infrastructure, building on the best practices we’ve put in place that support service providers’ agility goals in light of the shift towards NFV/SDN infrastructure.”
A unique and detailed Business Model Canvas – including problem statements and value propositions for zero touch service orchestration – was developed specifically for the Catalyst by the service provider champions and technology solution provider participants. It will be presented with the demonstration. This business-oriented approach is an important complement to the technology-oriented demonstration. It provides valuable context for the collaborative work – by service providers, technology solution providers, and standards development organizations – that is enabling the market to achieve the objective of agile, assured, and orchestrated connectivity services.
The Catalyst is derived from a Proof of Concept (PoC) demonstration at the MEF’s GEN14 event in November 2014. This is an example of how members of both MEF and TM Forum are using the MEF GEN PoC Showcase and TM Forum Catalyst program to evolve their collaboration to enable the industry to monitor, on a continuous basis, the opportunities to implement standardized connectivity services using LSO, SDN, and NFV. The GEN15 event held this 16-19 November will give companies like those involved in the Catalyst project the opportunity to participate in another popular PoC Showcase that spotlights new service & technology innovations as well.

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