CENX’s service orchestration boosts Ericsson’s managed services

Date: Thu, 06/18/2015 - 15:45

CENX, a global leader of Service Orchestration solutions for software-defined and virtualized networks, announced that it has partnered with Ericsson to integrate CENX’s Cortx Service Orchestrator as a key element of Ericsson’s global Managed Services Delivery Platform

CENX’s service orchestration boosts Ericsson’s managed services

Ed Ogonek, President and CEO of CENX

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The Cortx Service Orchestrator solution allows Ericsson’s managed service professionals to proactively monitor customers’ data connectivity services, providing real-time visibility of end-to-end circuit availability and performance, spanning multiple technologies.
CENX’s Cortx Service Orchestrator delivers an intuitive graphical dashboard to identify performance degradation (e.g. frame loss, latency and jitter) and simplifies the isolation of faults, significantly reducing Mean Time To Repair, increasing network availability and enhancing customer experience.
The capabilities of CENX’s Cortx Service Orchestrator allow Ericsson to identify degradation of Ethernet circuits before they begin to significantly impact end users of the network. It provides service delivery teams with the ability to measure Local Exchange Carriers and Alternate Access Vendors’ performance against key performance indicators and manage them in line with service level agreements.
“We are pleased to be working with Ericsson for a global go-to-market strategy with an integrated solution offering,” said Ed Ogonek, President and CEO of CENX. “This deployment has proven that Cortx Service Orchestrator is able to meet the usability, scalability and performance requirements of one of the world’s largest network operations.” 
“This successful partnership is one example of how Ericsson Managed Services is continually leveraging innovative tools to serve its customer base worldwide,” concluded Jean-Claude Geha, Ericsson VP and Global Head of Managed Services Business Portfolio.
To discover how Ericsson Managed Services and CENX Service Orchestration can transform network operations, join CENX at Mobile World Congress Shanghai, July 15-17th.


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