MEF & ON.Lab collaborate to advance open Third Network

Date: Tue, 03/15/2016 - 16:54

ON.Lab E-CORD demonstrates programmable, on-demand CE 2.0 E-Line service as first MEF OpenCS Reference Build
MEF & ON.Lab collaborate to advance open Third Network

Pascal Menezes, CTO, MEF

Image credited to the MEF

The MEF and ON.Lab are pleased to announce a Memorandum of Understanding centered on ON.Lab’s E-CORD and the MEF’s new OpenCS (Open Connectivity Services) and OpenLSO (Open Lifecycle Service Orchestration) Projects. Initial collaboration showcases ON.Lab’s E-CORD as one of the first open source instances for dynamic/agile, assured, and orchestrated Third Network Services.
The MEF recently launched OpenCS and OpenLSO as open initiatives to help bring Third Network services to market faster. OpenCS is a network ecosystem that enables SDN and NFV reference implementations of open source software and open spec hardware for MEF-defined services, starting with Carrier Ethernet 2.0 and evolving to Layer 3 IP and above. OpenLSO is an orchestration ecosystem that enables a reference implementation of open source solutions and interfaces that adheres to the MEF LSO specification.

Areas of CORD and MEF collaboration include:
•    E-CORD Proof of Concept Demonstrations / OpenCS Reference Builds. E-CORD demonstration as a pioneering OpenCS reference build at the ONS 2016 conference being held this week in Santa Clara, California. The PoC will show how E-CORD can enable service providers to provide customized, programmable, on-demand CE 2.0 E-Line services using SDN & NFV.  During 2016, the E-CORD platform will evolve to include enhanced support for MEF service models and will include a broader set of CE 2.0 services in future demonstrations.
•    E-CORD Integration With MEF LSO. Research on how to align E-CORD with OpenLSO functions within the overall MEF LSO Reference Architecture. This includes discussions on how E-CORD can evolve to communicate with service orchestration functions using the MEF LSO Presto Management Interface.
•    LSO Hackathons. Participation at the Euro16 and MEF16 LSO Hackathons to be held at the MEF Quarterly Meeting in Rome during 25 – 28 April and at MEF16 respectively, where programmers will orchestrate an E-Line instantiation in E-CORD using XOS over LSO Presto
•    MEF16. Participation as an open source organization partner at the MEF16 global networking event held during 7 – 10 November in Baltimore-Washington, DC.
Pascal Menezes, CTO, MEF, said “The MEF is delighted to work closely with ON.Lab and the CORD to accelerate service and technology innovation within an increasingly open networking ecosystem. The OpenCS reference build with E-CORD is the first example of how open source software and open specification hardware can be combined to deliver MEF-defined services. A key goal is to stimulate creation of a common open substrate, a foundation for Third Network services, that can be commercialized and built upon by the industry.”
Guru Parulkar, Executive Director, ON.Lab, said “ON.Lab is pleased to collaborate with the MEF and its community to demonstrate next-generation MEF services and LSO on E-CORD to bring the economy of the datacenter and the agility of the cloud into the service provider environment. Over the course of the year, we expect to do joint demonstrations and hackathons to showcase our progress and engage the broader community.”

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