ECI leading MEF OpenLSO Service Fulfillment project to enable multi-provider Third Network services

Date: Tue, 10/18/2016 - 13:11

Successfully demonstrated Inter-Carrier Layer 3 VPN Service Fulfillment using ECI’s Open-Source LSO Innovation Platform
ECI leading MEF OpenLSO Service Fulfillment project to enable multi-provider Third Network services

MEF CTO Pascal Menezes

Image credited to MEF

MEF, the driving force enabling agile, assured, and orchestrated Third Network services, and ECI, a global provider of ELASTIC Network® solutions, announced that ECI is leading MEF’s OpenLSO Service Fulfillment project. This project is an important element of MEF’s Open Initiatives work to accelerate the industry transition to Third Network services that are delivered over automated, virtualized, and interconnected networks powered by LSO, SDN, and NFV.
MEF has created OpenLSO (Open Lifecycle Service Orchestration) and OpenCS (Open Connectivity Services) reference implementations and is working with prominent open source projects and member companies  to maximize alignment of market implementations with MEF’s published and emerging LSO and connectivity services specifications. MEF has launched OpenLSO projects on fulfillment and other orchestration capabilities with the goal of accelerating adoption of LSO specifications, ensuring development of standardized open APIs, and maximizing alignment between LSO specifications and both open and closed source code.
ECI has developed their own open source Innovation Platform (EPIC) that will be used for the OpenLSO Service Fulfillment project which will seamlessly enable interoperability between service providers worldwide. ECI’s EPIC platform will work toward a “vendor-agnostic” vision to deliver real-time control and assure network performance across carriers. The EPIC solution provides customers with a centralized platform that configures and monitors the network. The platform will provide automated fulfillment and assurance of complex services across legacy, SDN, NFV, and cloud networks.
At the recent MEF annual members meeting in Boston, ECI successfully demonstrated EPIC’s inter-carrier L3VPN service fulfillment. ECI showed, for the first time, how open LSO APIs could allow a customer using a web portal to instantly provision a L3VPN service from UNI to UNI over two provider networks. Moreover, the demonstration clearly overcame issues pertaining to L3VPN deployment that require coordinated border configuration.
At MEF16, ECI’s EPIC platform will be used to showcase how a CE 2.0 E-Line service with a bandwidth on-demand requirement can be provisioned and orchestrated across multiple service and cloud providers using the MEF LSO Reference Architecture. Tata Communications, Comcast, and Telecom Italia Sparkle also are participating in this pioneering demonstration enabling cloud-based applications and connectivity.
“ECI’s contribution to OpenLSO Service Fulfillment is clearly driving industry innovation forward. The demonstration in Boston was very impressive, and we expect to experience even more at MEF16. We look forward to continuing on this exciting journey together,” said MEF CTO Pascal Menezes.
“ECI is leading the initiative to put theory into practice, while simultaneously driving standards through code. The partnership between ECI and MEF is a natural fit for ECI’s vision of enabling open, vendor-agnostic, and secure networks in the future,” said ECI CTO Mr. Hayim Porat.

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