Juniper Networks delivers Big Data analytics solution for better network intelligence and to drive informed decisions

Date: Wed, 05/29/2013 - 12:34

Junos Network Analytics, developed with Guavus, helps service providers reduce costs and grow revenue with the power of a scalable Big Data solution
Juniper Networks delivers Big Data analytics solution for better network intelligence and to drive informed decisions

From left to right, Doug Wills, Senior Director, Product Marketing, JUNOS & SDN, and Dhritiman Dasgupta, Senior Director, Product Marketing, at NetEvents Global Press & Analyst Summit, Mountain View, California 


Juniper Networks, the industry leader in network innovation, unveiled the Junos® Network Analytics suite, a family of next-generation big data analytics and network intelligence solutions that now includes the BizReflex and NetReflex products. BizReflex and NetReflex were developed with Guavus, a leading provider of big data analytics solutions leveraging an innovative "analyze first" architecture that delivers valuable insights from IP and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network traffic patterns to better understand network behavior. These products provide Service Providers (SPs) an important tool to optimize their routing network assets, increase revenue opportunities and attract and retain customers. With the onslaught of dynamic cloud applications, the explosion of mobile device use and copious amounts of data traversing networks, it is now more important than ever for service providers to derive insights by extracting network data from their routing infrastructure in order to make business critical decisions. However, for most service providers, capturing and analyzing the data within their router networks is a complex and arduous process that is not built for scale. With the Junos Network Analytics suite, customers will be able to extract more profitability from the network, query data easily and adapt more quickly to changing business needs.

The first two products in the Junos Network Analytics suite combines a powerful analytics engine with state-of-the art visual dashboards that present network insights as customizable graphics, statistics and drill-downs. The Junos Network Analytics suite includes the following:

• BizReflex: A network analytics engine and dashboard for business decision makers that allow them to gather critical intelligence on how customers, peers and prospects interact with the network. This tool extracts and analyzes information from edge and core routers to allow operators to segment enterprise customers according to their respective value and price services accordingly, improving margins and customer retention. It also allows service providers to identify high-value prospects and acquire new customers more efficiently. These valuable insights can increase revenue opportunities and enhance service differentiation.
• NetReflex: Provides network architects and operations personnel with detailed traffic trends and analysis for IP and MPLS networks. This solution gives operators more insight than previously possible into traffic patterns on the network, allowing network service providers to reduce costs with informed decision capabilities and improve the efficiency of their network.

Junos Network Analytics extracts network flow data and routing tables from Juniper Networks routing platforms or other third-party vendor routing platforms, and leverages a powerful engine and user-friendly dashboard to provide meaningful business intelligence for communications service providers. Junos Network Analytics SKUs are available now and subscription-based pricing will be on Juniper's price list in June 2013.
Anukool Lakhina, founder and CEO, Guavus, said:  "Our analytics solutions have been built from the ground up to unlock the value of network-generated data by dramatically increasing the speed and scale at which business insights can be delivered and better businesses decisions can be made. We are pleased to be working with Juniper Networks to deliver a network analytics solution that allows customers to optimize their IP/MPLS assets for more efficient network operations, reduce costs and increase revenue."
Robert Krohn, senior vice president, Edge Software Business Unit, Juniper Networks, said:  "Junos Network Analytics harnesses the power of big data to bring near real-time information to service providers that will scale to their needs and provide a complete business insight solution for IP and MPLS networks. Collaborating with Guavus allows Juniper Networks to provide customers with dynamic solutions that complement Juniper's existing portfolio."


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