Telco Systems unveils new carrier cloud gateway and aggregation platform

Date: Mon, 10/21/2013 - 17:25

T-Marc 3348S Ethernet Network Interface Device introduces speed in a size that has never been seen before in the Carrier Ethernet market
Telco Systems unveils new carrier cloud gateway and aggregation platform

Nir Halachmi, Product Manager at Telco Systems

Image credited to Telco Systems

Telco Systems, a BATM company, and a leading provider of CE 2.0 multi-service Carrier Ethernet and MPLS edge access solutions for mobile backhaul, business Ethernet services and cloud networking, unveiled the T-Marc 3348S, a true 10GE demarcation Ethernet/MPLS network interface device (NID) – a leap forward in 10GE Carrier Ethernet and MPLS service delivery for service providers and mobile operators.
The product boasts 4 x 10GE plus 12 x 1GE ports with a total of 52GE capacity, in 1RU high, half rack width, making this ultra-compact equipment the densest and most cost effective 10GE demarcation device in the Carrier Ethernet market today.
The T-Marc 3348S provides enhanced OAM, high availability, resiliency and time synchronization combined with low power consumption to reduce OPEX. It has embedded support for both Carrier Ethernet and IP/MPLS transport at no additional cost, and can future proof networks both from a technology and capacity standpoint. The T-Marc 3348S is an additional building block for Telco Systems end-to-end edge solutions, allowing providers to create profitable services from the demarcation point to the network and cloud.

The T-Marc 3348S provides:
• Service assurance – Purpose-built for assured SLAs, the T-Marc 3348S offers sub 50msec restoration over Ethernet and MPLS in ring or mesh topologies (G.8031, G.8032, FRR) and combines with hardware-based OAM and embedded test tools (RFC2544, Y.1564) to assure service delivery.
• Service delivery – The T-Marc 3348S supports all four MEF CE 2.0 services over Ethernet and IP/MPLS, built into the product and license free. With very powerful hardware‐based HQoS support, T-Marc3348S enables the deployment of very flexible service schemes. Integrated with EdgeGenie, Telco Systems’ service management solution, the T-Marc 3348S enables providers to build custom service profiles and rapidly activate service monitoring.
• Service management – The T-Marc 3348S supports EdgeGenie and third party management systems, as well as NETCONF and YANG, making it future proof and SDN-upgradeable, while allowing for better utilization of available fiber using dynamic bandwidth management.
• Service profitability – The T-Marc 3348S’ attractive price makes it economically viable to deploy 10GE at the demarcation point, allowing for future growth of bandwidth and services.

“Telco Systems’ T-Marc 3348S enables providers to expedite the deployment of 10GE services to the access, reinforcing the notion that ‘10GE is the new 1GE’. T-Marc 3348S can really future proof the network for the increased bandwidth demand and can save substantial OPEX spending as it saves fiber cores after the 1GE uplink is fully utilized,” said Nir Halachmi, Product Manager at Telco Systems.
“Service providers around the world are already looking into 10GE demarcation and the T-Marc 3348S can further support their evolving businesses.”

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