Ericpol – cutting edge of the European ICT sector

Date: Fri, 04/19/2013 - 11:44

‘Success in business is not just about having good products or services – it also, and especially, hinges upon ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction’. This motto captures Ericpol’s approach and way of doing business

Ericpol – cutting edge of the European ICT sector

Marek Gajowniczek, Ericpol´s CEO


Ericpol´s mission is to provide top quality engineer services. This means that we meet client expectations through the provision of tailored solutions without delays and risk, supporting their market efficiency and building long-term relations.

Engineering excellence
Ericpol Sp. z o.o., from Poland, is an engineering company that has been operating on the international ICT market since 1991. The company operates in the R&D and KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) sectors, offering engineering services in telecommunications, M2M (Machine to Machine), UX (User Experience) communications, healthcare, finances & banking and business solutions area. Ericpol competences and reliability have earned us the reputation as a trustworthy and safe business partner, frequently awarded in both national and international branch competitions. Since its beginning, Ericpol’s major focus has been on telecommunications. We specialize in outsourcing services for software development projects, consultancy services, staff augmentation and dedicated solutions. Ericpol has a proven track record in a number of areas, including Radio Access Network, test and simulation (including development of solutions), GSM Core Networks and Value Added Services creation for legacy IN (Intelligent Networks) and various Next Generation IN platforms. The company is also expanding its footprint to OSS and BSS areas, thus enabling full end-to-end support for its customers.

Values first
Work and services performed in the international environment, as well as long-term relations with Scandinavian business partners has resulted in the creation of a high internal organizational, business and social culture within Ericpol. Our code of conduct determines the basic values, methods of operation and relations between employees, clients and partners all over the world. Among the main four Ericpol values, one is especially important for customers. In providing a service, we guarantee that we have the appropriate competences, expertise and resources needed to complete the commission diligently and in a timely manner. The security of our customers has become a value of the highest rank in Ericpol. We take full responsibility for the maintenance and development of customers' software and we never leave projects without comprehensive support. ‘There have been cases when Far East companies failed to meet their obligations and Ericpol replaced them, took over the project and succeeded in completing it under critical conditions. Our customers can rely on us and focus on building their competitive advantage’ – says Jan Smela, President of Ericpol.

Software Outsourcing Expertise
Ericpol has amassed vast experience in the execution of ventures in the field of modern technologies with the use of high accessibility software (mission critical software). Ericpol is flexible in reacting to continuously changing customer needs. We have completed comprehensive assignments requiring the involvement of several hundred specialists and cross competence teams. We adopted the Agile based project management system a few years ago, and have since then succeeded in delivering the highest quality software services on time and within the declared cost. In 2011, as the only Polish company, Ericpol was named a “Rising Star” in the rankings for The World’s 100 Best Outsourcing Providers prepared by the IAOP (International Association of Outsourcing Professionals).

Business Transparency
Ericpol engineers have executed 700 comprehensive long-term projects in 75 countries. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are formalized performance measurements applied to organizations in order to define and assess their efficiency, usually regarding progress towards long-term goals.  Time-to-market indicators bear specific testimony to the quality of our services. We look for optimal solutions for those who have trusted us. We achieve this goal through the combination of thorough planning and the selection of the right multifunctional team empowered with the required experience. Caring for our partners has allowed us to build strong long-term business relations. Ericpol is perceived as a reliable partner that can be entrusted with the most difficult tasks.


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