NEC makes cities safer with technologies that safeguard the urban environment

Date: Mon, 07/02/2012 - 19:41

NEC Corporation is showcasing its cutting-edge public safety technologies and solutions at the World Cities Summit 2012 (Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Hall B, Booth 408) held in Singapore from 1 - 4 July 2012

NEC makes cities safer with technologies that safeguard the urban environment Image credited to Marina Bay Sands

Through this thematic display - “We Make Cities Safer”, governments and city planners can envision how NEC’s innovative technologies and solutions can be integrated to enhance the safety and security of cities in their countries.
By leveraging its proven capabilities in IT and networking technologies and solutions, NEC aims to empower and enable public institutions to take preventive and protective measures to enhance public safety and minimize damage to property. Such technologies have been deployed for national identification, law enforcement, immigration, emergency and disaster response, and the safeguarding of critical infrastructure to help public and private institutions protect lives and property around the world. For over 30 years, NEC has installed its NIST-accredited (*) biometric systems for more than 480 customers in over 30 countries, making it one of the world’s leading biometric technology suppliers.
Mr. Tan Boon Chin, Managing Director at NEC Asia Pacific’s Regional Competency Centre for Public Safety remarked, “As a global IT and networking solutions provider, we aim to make cities a safer place to live with our integrated identity and public safety solutions, combined with our networking technologies, to create greater mobility and connectivity for law enforcement, government authorities and agencies. The challenge thus is for these state-of-the-art technologies to be better connected and integrated to serve a common purpose, as determined by city planners.”
NEC’s will showcase the following technologies and solutions at World Cities Summit 2012:
1. Citizen services and immigration control - NEC’s Automated Border Control solutions safeguard assets and facilities by enabling control at key access points and capitalizing on the strength of its award-winning multi-modal biometrics during the identification process. This new generation of access control security system can support simultaneous fingerprint and facial recognition, making this form of biometric recognition particularly resilient against fraud and identity theft as it guarantees an exceptionally high level of security and authenticity.
2. Law Enforcement - NEC’s face recognition surveillance system strengthens security and criminal investigations utilizing advanced face recognition technology to deliver accurate verification from facial image databases, regardless of age differences, race, face angle or lighting.  NEC’s intelligent video analytics solutions enable efficient extraction of specific images or information from large amounts of video footage collected by surveillance cameras by focusing on the characteristics of vehicles and people, including license plate recognition, super-resolution processing, and human face recognition. Moreover, NEC is developing Real-time MetaSearch system with additional features like vehicle features model matching, clothing feature extraction and human feature model matching to realize greater intelligence.
3. Critical Infrastructure Management - NEC’s Integrated Security Solution (ISS) offers a suite of security solutions for critical infrastructure and facilities, including an Integrated Operation Centre solution which provides the agency and organization with heightened situational awareness, and supports quick responses to incidents and events.
4. Public Administration Services - NEC’s food safety management system helps ensure secure and safe handling and delivery of food products. NEC has developed an integrated food safety system for the monitoring of food’s production, import and export, allowing for the quality and availability of food into and out of a territory to be monitored and managed.
5. Information Management - NEC’s Next Generation Threat Prevention Solution for Inbound and Outbound Traffic provides protection against cyber attacks, malware and data leakage using the most advanced security solutions.
6. Inter-Agency Collaboration - In the current Public Safety domain, security is more complex due to the amount of data collected from videos, devices and sensors and social network increasingly exponentially. NEC’s inter-agency collaboration (IAC) framework uses advanced technology tools to address the complex issues of collecting, analyzing and transmitting this phenomenal growth in data (“big data”) among agencies and then enhancing its value, enabling cross-agency cooperation to bring order to chaos in unforeseen events.

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