Vinci Park opts for high-speed network connectivity from Tata Communications to connect its 500 sites across France

Date: Fri, 05/17/2013 - 12:40

New connectivity technology from Tata Communications will enable monitoring and security systems to be centralised, helping Vinci Park to deliver highest levels of customer service

Vinci Park opts for high-speed network connectivity from Tata Communications to connect its 500 sites across France

Claude Sassoulas, Managing Director, Europe, at Tata Communications


Tata Communications, a leading provider of A New World of Communications, and parking specialists Vinci Park, announce a multi-year agreement to bring high-speed network connectivity to more than 500 car parks across France. This technology implementation will enable Vinci Park to centrally manage and monitor its facilities across the country.
Round-the-clock monitoring is required to ensure the security of Vinci Park customers and their vehicles. To optimise remote monitoring and management, all 500 Vinci Park car parks will be connected to a central hub, located at the company's headquarters, providing constant supervision via a state-of-the-art video system. The central hub is able to control the operation of each site remotely by, for example, opening barriers and communicating with customers through a dedicated customer service video telephony system. The system, designed by Tata Communications, will enable Vinci Park to continue providing its customers with a high-quality service, while managing all its business critical applications over a single network.
"We are a leading company in our field, so great customer service is critical for our business. This new connectivity solution empowers us to further enrich the experience we deliver for our customers at each of our sites. Through enhanced access of our business-critical applications and the reliability and speed of the network, we have been brought closer to each of our car parks than ever before," says Guillaume Martin, CIO, Vinci Park. "The levels of flexibility and breadth of solutions offered by Tata Communications enabled us to align the best system on the market with our unique requirements."
Tata Communications has designed a bespoke, secure virtual private network (VPN) solution to meet Vinci Park's requirements across its multiple sites around the country. It consists of MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) and broadband connectivity for the delivery of voice, video telephony and financial transactions. It is centrally managed from Vinci Park's headquarters to ensure cost-effectiveness, and mixes MPLS and IPSec VPNs on a per-site basis, allowing for tailored solutions for each site. Tata Communications' certified infrastructure will ensure regulatory compliance and the security of all financial transactions. The inherent scalability of the connectivity solution will enable Vinci Park to add more sites to the network as the company continues to grow.
"The announcement of this collaboration between Vinci Park and Tata Communications represents Tata Communications's strong focus on the French market" says Claude Sassoulas, Managing Director, Europe, at Tata Communications. "We are proud to support companies like Vinci Park in their business objectives. Our solutions are focussed on matching the unique requirements of enterprises, irrespective of geography, ultimately enabling them to stay competitive in today's hyper-connected marketplace."

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