TeleWare Mobile Office, the functionality of the desk phone, the flexibility of the mobile

Date: Fri, 10/16/2009 - 13:49

Combining the flexibility and convenience of the mobile phone with the feature rich telephone solutions available in the office – all without upgrading from your existing switch architecture

TeleWare Mobile Office, the functionality of the desk phone, the flexibility of the mobile

TeleWare, the leading provider of intelligent communication solutions to businesses and service providers, announced the immediate availability of the TeleWare Mobile Office solution which combines the functionality of the desk phone with the mobile experience, as well as delivering call cost savings through least cost routing.
Deploying a TeleWare Mobility Server at the customer’s premises opens up the functionality of TeleWare’s Intelligent Office Product Suite to mobile devices, as well as providing the option of cheaper, intelligently routed calls. It offers the combination of access to PBX-style functions, call recording and potential cost savings using least cost routing, while being both simple-to-use and fully integrated into the local PBX switching platform. Mobile handsets running Windows Mobile 6, Symbian 5/6 or Blackberry can be loaded with a mobile client giving access to a rich set of PBXstyle functions such as short-code dialing, conferencing, call transferring and call recording.
“The mobile number can still be used for private calls and will continue to operate and incur normal call charges outside the coverage area of the Mobility Server. Meanwhile, an intelligent Number is allocated to the mobile phone.
This can be maintained by the business, even when changing mobile operators, and brings the added advantage of routing all business calls through the company call control system to maximise the benefits of the company auto attendant, voicemail and alternative routing capabilities,” explained Steve Haworth, CEO for TeleWare. “Mobile users have, until recently, had very little choice over how their telephony services are provided. There is now much greater choice and no changes are needed to the existing telephony infrastructure as Mobile Office works with any PBX and any carrier network,” added Haworth.
Companies will also gain the benefit of making calls at a comparatively lower tariff while making business calls through the mobile integration solution as this allows the user to make calls over a route/network preselected by the business. The Mobility Server intelligently sends voice calls via the preferred route. This could be either the most cost effective or the route required for added functionality, such as call recording. Call recording from the mobile handset has, over the past few months, become increasingly important in the financial sector with focus from the FSA on call recording regulations. A transfer facility allows calls to be moved to another user’s number or to another phone registered to the user, for instance, to transfer a mobile call to the desk or home phone when in their proximity.
The seamless integration with the mobile device user interface means that there is no training or change in user behaviour required and the user interface has the option of being branded for sale by TeleWare accredited partners.
TeleWare Mobile Office is also available from the TeleWare hosted platform as a monthly service. The product is available for immediate delivery.

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