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EU budget: Commission proposes €9.2 billion investment in first ever digital programme

The European Commission is proposing to create the first ever Digital Europe programme and invest €9.2 billion to align the next long-term EU budget 2021-2027 with increasing digital challenges


Etisalat, Singtel, SoftBank and Telefónica create Global Cyber Security Alliance

Members to share cyber risk intelligence and security capabilities to protect enterprises from evolving cyber threats worldwide. Alliance has presence in over 60 countries, combined 1.2 billion customers, over 20 SOCs and more than 6,000 security experts

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JASK appoints recognized cyber market maker Greg Fitzgerald as CMO and unveils HQ2 in Austin

Founding Cylance CMO leads ASOC platform company's global go-to-market strategy from new office in the domain northside more
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Ziften joins Microsoft Community in contributing to Windows Defender ATP advanced hunting project – Targeting growth in fileless

Ziften contributes macOS and Linux visibility, behavioral analytics, and threat hunting queries speeding the identification and tracking of suspicious behaviors and risks more
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JASK expands platform beyond SIEM to transform how SOC operators visualize cyber attacks

JASK ASOC platform sets new standard for security operations effectiveness with enhanced JASK Navigator investigation console and analyst-driven workflows more
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Cisco to bring human and digital connections to life at Expo 2020 Dubai

Cisco's intent-based network to power connectivity, provide the most advanced technology infrastructure in World Expo history more
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Directive on Security of Network and Information systems, the first EU-wide legislation on cybersecurity

9 May was the deadline for the Member States to transpose into national laws the Directive on Security of Network and Information Systems (NIS Directive) that entered into force in August 2016. The NIS Directive is the first EU-wide legislation on cybersecurity

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The Mind of the Hacker - Insights from GCHQ, MI6 and Israeli Intelligence

It used to be the trickery of the disinterested joker – bright youngsters pulling the data strings just to see what would happen. Then came criminals, adapting old con-trickery and thieving skills to the new cyber environment. Then it escalated to international gangs and now we are faced with political interest and rival shaping a post-truth world. Where are we heading? What is already happening? Vital questions must be addressed in this opening session before we turn to the technologies, solutions and strategies for securing the Cloud and Internet of Things. Brian Lord, OBE – former GCHQ Deputy Director for Intelligence and Cyber Operations – begins by describing the big picture, how it is evolving and where we could be heading. How is the balance of knowledge and power changing? And how will this affect our industry, business and society?

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Ethernet in enterprise working

Ethernet has proved to be the answer, but can we clarify the question? A panel of senior execs from industry leaders spell out the key challenges facing CIOs in enterprise IT today –including virtualization, BYOD, management and security

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Reinventing and scaling the SOC with AI: Helping humans, not replacing them

When it comes to cybersecurity, there are no rules more
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YouGov poll reveals the UK seeks better protection against fraud and an active role in controlling their cards from their banks

US card control functionality proving more progressive than the UK Research amongst 2,000 UK consumers revealed on the eve of Money 20/20, Europe’s leading Fintech show

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Frequency and complexity of DDoS attacks is rising

Defenders turn to automation and managed services for support more
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