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VMware charts networking's software-defined future for enterprises and service providers with intent to acquire VeloCloud

VMware will address end-to-end automation, application continuity, and security from data center to edge with industry-leading software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) solution

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Wedge Networks announces industry leader James Hamilton as CEO

New CEO to accelerate global growth in cloud security sector more
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NTT Com Security and Fortinet announce Global security partnership

Companies to jointly provide capabilities in cloud security, network risk management, SIEM, SDN and virtualization to companies globally more
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cleverDome launches secure financial services solution at the 2017 T3 Enterprise Conference

Leading financial services and SaaS companies are now using the solution to better protect consumer data more
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Ziften strengthens visibility and control of cloud deployments on any Cloud Service Provider (CSP) – Amazon, Microsoft, Google

New Ziften Zenith developments improve vulnerability assessments, threat detection, and incident response in cloud VMs running Linux operating systems (OS) more
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VeloCloud SD-WAN security ecosystem expands with additional best-of-breed security companies

Symantec, VMware and Forcepoint join the industry’s sstablished SD-WAN ecosystem; IBM security adds integration with IBM QRadar more
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The Mind of the Hacker - Insights from GCHQ, MI6 and Israeli Intelligence

It used to be the trickery of the disinterested joker – bright youngsters pulling the data strings just to see what would happen. Then came criminals, adapting old con-trickery and thieving skills to the new cyber environment. Then it escalated to international gangs and now we are faced with political interest and rival shaping a post-truth world. Where are we heading? What is already happening? Vital questions must be addressed in this opening session before we turn to the technologies, solutions and strategies for securing the Cloud and Internet of Things. Brian Lord, OBE – former GCHQ Deputy Director for Intelligence and Cyber Operations – begins by describing the big picture, how it is evolving and where we could be heading. How is the balance of knowledge and power changing? And how will this affect our industry, business and society?

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Ethernet in enterprise working

Ethernet has proved to be the answer, but can we clarify the question? A panel of senior execs from industry leaders spell out the key challenges facing CIOs in enterprise IT today –including virtualization, BYOD, management and security

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A Keene eye on cloud infrastructure, security, transport and content delivery

Last Summer, Gartner released their annual ”Hype Cycle” report, calling the hype around Cloud computing “deafening”! They say that nearly every vendor has a Cloud computing strategy, but few make it Cloud-centric. Indeed, ”cloudwashing” risks accelerating the entire industry into the trough of disillusionment - with the Amazon Web Services outages earlier this year as a case in turning point

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New McAfee report highlights global impact of changing data protection landscape

Seventy percent of business decision-makers say GDPR will make the European Union the world leader in data protection more
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Zebra study: Nearly 50 percent of enterprises have only achieved half of their “intelligence” potential

Only five percent of companies are considered truly “intelligent” enterprises, leveraging ties between physical and digital worlds for better visibility and actionable insights
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Next generation cloud study reveals vast majority of I.T leaders concerned with security of data for cloud implementations

Hitachi Data Systems Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., announced results of an Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) study, “Preparing for next-generation cloud: Lessons learned and insights shared,” which found that 87% of the organizations surveyed indicated their senior management were concerned with security and privacy of corporate data for cloud implementations

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