Spirent test solution validates network elements and architecture in Juniper Network´s cloud virtualization environment

Date: Wed, 10/12/2011 - 19:53

Spirent TestCenter Virtual enables network designers to test within the Junosphere cloud
Spirent test solution validates network elements and architecture in Juniper Network´s cloud virtualization environment Andreas Stern, Director, Business Development Director, Spirent Communications, at NetEvents EMEA Press and Analyst Summit Rome 2011 

Spirent Communications’ cloud computing testing solution has been selected to validate the performance of network designs created within the Junosphere Lab virtual environment, announced by Juniper Networks. Junosphere Lab, which enables the creation and modeling of networks and elements running the Juniper Networks® Junos® operating system, will include Spirent TestCenter Virtual to provide visibility into network infrastructures, as well as to accurately benchmark and optimize performance.
Using Spirent TestCenter Virtual within Junosphere enables network designers working with Junosphere’s Junos-based routers and other equipment to successfully test and understand configurations in a simulated environment. The solution helps to accelerate the network validation and verification process, with a virtualized traffic generation and analysis tool that allows users to identify potential design flaws.
“The ability to run real traffic on the networks created within Junosphere is a powerful tool for validation and testing,” said Judy Beningson, vice president and general manager, Virtual Junos Business Unit, Juniper Networks. “With this ability, test engineers have greater insight into the network’s real-world performance, availability, security and scale. Spirent’s test capabilities are a natural complement to the Junosphere ecosystem.”
As the market’s leading virtualized network test tool, Spirent TestCenter Virtual offers the flexibility of testing in a variety of environments, from mixed physical and virtual to virtual-only scenarios. Its functionality includes the ability to generate any customer-defined traffic encapsulation, a wide range of emulation capability and measurement of key performance metrics.
“As one of the first Junosphere partners and a Juniper Networks Technology Alliance Partner, Spirent is pleased to play a prominent role in helping to benchmark and optimize the performance of cloud-based routers, switches and security devices in this unique setting,” said Jeff Schmitz, vice president, Networks & Applications group at Spirent. “With the ability to gain a complete end-to-end view of what both the network and the user will experience before such a system goes live, Spirent TestCenter Virtual plays a valuable role in replicating physical networks in the cloud for modeling, planning and experimentation.”
Spirent TestCenter Virtual resides on the virtual machine, providing unsurpassed visibility into the entire virtualized infrastructure. It extends and complements the capabilities of the Spirent TestCenter hardware-based solution to accurately benchmark and optimize performance of virtual server switches and cloud-based virtualization.

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