Thomson demonstrated unparalleled product and service portfolios for the digital home at CES 2009

Date: Mon, 01/12/2009 - 20:05

Show presented Thomson further raise the bar in terms of the range and quality of solutions for the delivery of voice, video, music and data applications in the home network

Thomson demonstrated unparalleled product and service portfolios for the digital home at CES 2009

Thomson, a worldwide leader in video solutions, used CES 2009 to showcase its leadership in service delivery platforms and multiple play application portfolios for the connected home.  This year’s show, Thomson demonstrated more strongly than ever before how it enables service providers to readily monetize, control and expand a myriad of innovative services whilst at the same time allowing consumers to easily access premium content from multiple sources and across multiple devices.
The world leader in customer premises equipment solutions, Thomson has developed an unparalleled ecosystem of devices and applications that help network operators deliver a broad and completely custom, and in many instances pre-integrated, array of voice, video, data, music  and fixed-mobile convergence services – all while supporting a more sustainable environment through a cutting-edge green product line-up.
“Developing products, services and applications for the digital home market presents our industry with significant challenges,” said Vince Pizzica, Executive Vice-President Strategy, Technology & Marketing at Thomson. “The range of communications and media technologies that have to be brought together seamlessly and securely is extremely broad as is the variety and sophistication of services to be supported. Thomson’s strategy of providing an extensive and standards-based portfolio of platforms, devices, applications and content management solutions will allow service providers to rapidly and effectively win the battle for the customer’s home environment, secure in the knowledge that issues of consistent service quality, seamless interconnectivity, security and environmental responsibility have already been resolved”.

Advanced Home Gateways
Thomson considers the residential gateway to be the service delivery platform of choice for broadband operators. To this end, it has developed an industry leading line-up of sophisticated home hubs for the delivery of multiple play services over any network.
For cable operators, Thomson displayed its Advanced Cable Gateway (ACG), a consumer friendly, future-proof home entertainment and communications hub platform designed to become the core technology of the digital home. A universal platform for fully customizable triple- and quad-play services, the ACG is host to multi-line telephony via DECT wireless phones, and integrates an embedded multimedia terminal adaptor (eMTA) and WiFi router for service delivery to dual-mode phones for fixed-mobile convergence. The ACG supports easy software upgrades to deploy additional services quickly, seamlessly, and effectively.
Highlights from Thomson’s telco operator showcase included its TG789n and TG787n wireless home gateways:
The first of its kind on the market, the THOMSON TG789n is a radically new home gateway product which enables the delivery of advanced services over VDSL2 and fiber to the home. Network operators can offer revenue-generating and bandwidth-hungry services such as online gaming, multiple high definition (HD) streams and multimedia content sharing via this future-proof platform.
Testimony to Thomson’s commitment to open standards as the route to powerful, easy to use and cost-effective device connectivity and true home networking, the THOMSON TG787n is the first ever residential gateway to receive an official ‘out-of-the-box’ plug-and-play compliance certification from the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), an industry-wide body set up to promote simple but comprehensive digital interoperability.

Committed to Environmental Stewardship
Underscoring the importance it places on sustainability, all of Thomson’s WiFi gateways will share the same design philosophy to achieve the best possible energy efficiency and to minimize environmental impact. In addition to high levels of component recyclability, intelligent software in its most recent gateways ensures that power is saved wherever possible, for instance by switching off the WiFi if no client is found on the network.

Industry-leading Service Portfolios
Thomson’s development of increasingly powerful and intelligent home gateways provides yet another opportunity for service providers to add even more valuable differentiators on top of existing content or service brands. In addition to the creation of feature-rich, pre-integrated service portfolios, Thomson has also pursued an open software strategy for its gateways which allows its operator customers and third party developers to bring to market innovative and revenue-generating applications using Thomson’s own software development kit, which includes the so-called OSGi or Open Software Gateway initiative framework. Some of the innovative services demonstrated include:
Advanced telephony services featuring not only multi-line and multi-number functionality which allows several simultaneous calls within the one household but also VoIP with high definition sound for superior audio quality, RSS feeds, phonebook synchronization and visual voice mail via the TH58 DECT handset and to screens on other IP-connected devices within the home ecosystem. Personalized and rich music services including access to internet radio stations worldwide and classification of music according to genre, artist, etc. and weekly radio updates via the uniquely-designed Symbio DECT phone and internet radio in one, and wireless streaming of online or stored music to legacy HiFi systems via the Music Box. Domotics or home automation services including power consumption and home monitoring and surveillance, and personalized services such as online marketing and helpdesk applications to end users which facilitate the remote management of installations and ongoing customer support as well as the integration of Web 2.0 features for the creation of home portals, for example.  THOMSON TG789n

Faster and more diverse services with DOCSIS® 3.0  cable  modem  and more
The latest developments in DOCSIS CPE standards allow very high-speed services to be bundled onto cable infrastructures. In support of that critical capability, Thomson today announced the introduction of its new DCM475 cable modem compliant to DOCSIS® 3.0. The DCM475 modem’s capability will dramatically increase the throughput for data-over-cable services and help cable operators provide an even greater diversity of services to broadband customers including bandwidth-hungry applications.
Also new is the DHG575, a VoIP gateway otherwise known as an eMTA or embedded multimedia terminal adapter, which allows operators to connect their customers to both digital voice and high-speed internet services through one integrated device. Its launch reflects Thomson’s commitment to develop compelling multiple play services via enhanced residential gateways for all network operators.

Technicolor Further Monetizes the Content Chain
Service Providers and Content Providers of all types can only maximize their returns on investment if they are able to deliver digital content consistently and in high quality to their customers and merchants. To address this need, Thomson will be demonstrating its Technicolor Prisma digital supply chain platform that enables a single source solution for the ingestion, management, delivery, reporting and tracking of all types of digital content to an array of end user devices. Thomson will demonstrate its innovative Blu-ray social media portals integration, interface to online store-fronts as well as live streaming and digital copy services. These B2B and B2C solutions are live and in production today around the world and provide a one stop shop for broadband and disc based content delivery.
To win new and retain existing subscribers, broadband operators need to offer compelling and diverse multimedia services for the digital home. Thomson’s gateway and service solutions represent a persuasive answer to operators wishing to deliver such premium and high performance services including best practices in environmental design and operation. This year’s CES will see Thomson unveil further enhancements to its portfolio of products and solutions for the connected home.


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