The Internet of Things revolution is underway at CARTES & IDentification 2009

Date: Mon, 11/02/2009 - 19:50

The Internet of Things revolution is underway at CARTES & IDentification 2009

From 17th to 19th November 2009, the Internet of Things will be a hot topic at CARTES & IDentification 2009, Paris, France, the leading event for digital security and smart technologies, with its own space to demonstrate and exhibit communicating objects at the heart of the trade show

This will provide a unique opportunity to discover future applications related to mobile payment, home automation, remote management and geolocation 

Fifteen years after the internet was created, no doubt even the most optimistic person did not envisage a mug displaying share prices each morning, a plastic rabbit whispering sweet nothings, a photocopier able to order its own reams of paper and cartridges by telephone or that it would be possible to read a product label using a mobile phone. These communicating objects may seem to be secondary, but they are already part of our daily lives and are becoming more and more common all around the world. In due course more than 100 billion objects and machines will be involved, 100 times more than the current number of web users (1.7 billion in June 2009*). 

A worldwide phenomenon
The Internet of Things has already set out its plans. The European Casagras project, which includes participants from countries such as France and the United Kingdom, as well as China, Japan and Korea, has set itself the target of establishing standards for the communications and encoding used for the objects of this new internet. At present more than one million machines (electricity meters, photocopiers, navigation systems, etc).
already exchange information across wired or wireless networks which lack proper compatibility. They are progressively migrating towards "all IP" and the new “network of networks” as a result of the convergence of wireless (UMTS, HSPA, LTE, Wi-Fi, Wimax, etc.) and contactless (Near Field Communication) technologies.

The SIM card as the universal protection  
However, the expected explosion in IP and NFC requires these smart objects to be more secure: protection of private data, control of their integrity, strong authentication, signatures, secure management of “over-the-air” data and applications.   The SIM card is already the obvious choice as the universal “identification token” - more than four billion SIM cards are used in mobile phones (around 60% of the seven billion smart cards** in use worldwide this year). Its wide-spread roll-out to all IP networks appears a natural step, with LTE also adopting it. A significant proportion of M2M (Machine-to-Machine) modules developed for energy management applications (electricity meters), vehicle fleet management and vehicle navigation systems (European eCall project) now
incorporate SIM cards designed specifically for these environments. Scandinavian telecoms operator Telenor expects the number of its M2M connections to overtake its traditional subscriptions in 2009.  The adoption of the SIM card as standard by ETSI and GSMA (GSM Association) to secure sensitive NFC applications such as payment and e-ticketing is part of the same trend. Combined with the establishment of tags in objects (smart posters), this solution will make it possible to combine information capture (information about a film by contactless swiping of a poster in the street) with a transaction (the choice of cinema seat, ticket purchase and admission to the auditorium). 

The Internet of Things is exhibiting at CARTES & IDentification 2009
Future applications related to m-payment, home automation, remote management and geolocation have a bright future. These smart objects will have a significant presence on the stands of CARTES & IDentification exhibitors. A space to demonstrate and exhibit communicating objects will also be set up at the heart of the trade show. The trade show is therefore fully playing its part as the starting-block and promoter of market innovations. To find out more about this phenomenon which is changing our day-to-day lives, visit CARTES & IDentification 2009 from 17th to 19th November.  * According to Internet World Stats ** According to a survey by IMS Research published at the end of last year. The forecast made in the early 1990s by Marc Lassus, founder of Gemplus – as many smart cards as inhabitants of the planet – is therefore in the process of coming true. As is the prediction of French writer René Barjavel, who in his visionary book published in 1968, “La Nuit des Temps“, imagined a civilization in which everyone wears a “ring” to prove their identity. 

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