Excellent visitor turn-out for CARTES & Identification

Date: Fri, 12/04/2009 - 16:35

Excellent visitor turn-out for CARTES & Identification

With nearly 20,000 visitors, CARTES & IDentification increases its international influence and reinforces its position as the world leading event for smart technologies and digital security

Still on top form after 24 years! Despite the global economic crisis, CARTES & IDentification is in good health and is positioning itself more than ever as the benchmark event in the sector. From the Conference to the Sesames Awards and the high numbers at the stands, the event combined innovations and dynamism. With visitor numbers slightly up (19,883 compared with 19,752 in 2008), this year’s event once again met the profession’s expectations. Following this success, the dates for next year’s event have already been announced: from 7th to 9th December, 2010.

CARTES & IDentification becomes even more international
The trade show confirmed its international influence with 427 exhibitors, 78% of whom were from outside France, 19,883 visitors, 68% of whom were from abroad (63% in 2008) and 146 countries represented (132 in 2008).
The 18 conferences on offer over the three days welcomed 1,228 delegates. Of these, 85% were from outside France. Hot topics were tackled in abundance, especially during new conferences dedicated to new payment solutions in emerging countries, developments in prepaid cards, point-of-sale transactions, not to mention all the contemporary classics: mobile payment, NFC, multi-application cards, convergence, card and data security, personal ID cards, etc.
As every year, the high point of the Conference was the opening "World Card Summit" presentation, during which industry leaders analyzed the key market trends and their strategic visions. This was also the chance for Eurosmart to release, exclusively and for the first time, global card market figures for 2009 and forecasts for 2010 (www.eurosmart.com).

M2M & Internet of Things, a new technological era is beginning
By visiting the M2M & Internet of Things area, visitors discovered a new demonstration space, in partnership with Eurosmart, where technical experts presented vehicle and home automation applications, as well as other innovative technological solutions opening up new perspectives for the smart technology industry. They were able to move through this technological showcase into the world of communicating objects.

IDentification makes its mark
IDentification, dedicated to identification and authentication technologies, hosted 72 companies which demonstrated the dynamism of the identity protection sector. Over the three days it was an unmissable port of call to discover the latest innovative technologies in the fields of biometrics, securing of documents and transactions, authentication, physical and logical access control, as well as e-government applications.

CARTES & IDentification in the multimedia age

Two novelties emerged during this 2009 event: the TV set and the blog

- In partnership with C-ITV and Security News TV, interviews with experts and exhibitors, debates and themed programmes were broadcast on a web TV platform over the event’s three days. To watch these videos go to: http://c-i.tv/

- The trade show also launched its blog. Opening with the Sesame Awards prize-giving, the temporary blog’s objective was to contribute to and enhance visitors’ experience. It was intended to be a dynamic information source to complement the website so that they did not miss anything of the 2009 event. To view the blog go to: www.blog-cartes.com

The 2009 SESAME Awards
During a magnificent ceremony held at the Théâtre de Paris, the winners of the 2009 SESAMES were announced to around 500 guests. Here is a list of the winners of this year awards, which were particularly rich in innovations:
- HARDWARE SESAME AWARD: Gemalto/Leti/Raisonance with Contactless VHDR
- SOFTWARE SESAME AWARD: Sagem Orga with T2TIT (Things to Things in the Internet of Things)
- IT SECURITY APPLICATION SESAME AWARD: Neowave with Weneo ID Corporate Bundle
- HEALTH APPLICATION SESAME AWARD: Gematik with eHealth-Portal
- BANKING/FINANCE/COMMERCE APPLICATION SESAME AWARD: Hypercom with Hypercom's HyperSafe™ Remote Key System
- LOYALTY APPLICATION SESAME AWARD: Oberthur Technologies with Smart Lumiere

The 2010 will celebrate the trade show’s 25th anniversary

CARTES & IDentification will take place from 7th to 9th December 2010, at Paris-Nord Villepinte 

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