Focus on Connected Worlds at CeBIT 2010

Date: Thu, 09/03/2009 - 18:07

Focus on Connected Worlds at CeBIT 2010

CeBIT organizers anticipate opportunities for growth

The organizers of CeBIT are anticipating fresh opportunities for growth as a result of the introduction of a new major topic area and positive feedback on the international ICT market. "We have already received confirmations from major ICT companies and international corporate groups," reported Ernst Raue, Board Member of Deutsche Messe AG,  in Hannover on Monday.
"Given the current response of these companies, we are looking forward to the coming months with confidence. Indeed, it is at critical times in particular that many businesses take advantage of the opportunities offered by a key international trade show," Raue emphasized.  

Connected Worlds a focus of attention
The new major topic was developed in cooperation with leading companies. "The motto and focal point of CeBIT 2010 will be 'Connected Worlds'. It describes how the innovative strength of the ICT industry is leading to the rapid convergence of worlds that were hitherto largely separate," explained Raue. "Those who succeed in networking different areas as intelligently as possible will enjoy long-term business success. That applies to IT hardware, mobile equipment, web applications, the best concepts for users and, not least, all applications in people's working and private lives." The ICT sector helps other industries to increase their profits through new digitalized and networked business concepts.

Greater efficiency for exhibitors and visitors
Raue emphasized that next year's CeBIT, which runs from Tuesday (2 March) to Saturday (6 March), will be more efficient - for exhibitors and visitors alike. The major display categories will be structured in line with visitors' needs, and optimal use will be made of the floor space in the halls - according to current planning a total of 18 will be occupied. Raue added: "We have further developed and consolidated the topic-based layout of the Exhibition Grounds, and the topic areas have now been structured even more clearly." At the request of exhibitors, companies will also have the opportunity to organize large-scale corporate events at the CeBIT venue. A number of companies and their partners will be occupying entire halls.

More content and new topics
The traditional major topic areas at CeBIT, such as business IT, communications, ICT infrastructure, public sector and future parc, focus on application solutions and have now been supplemented by new content. For instance, the topical business issues of IT security and banking & finance will be presented at CeBIT 2010 together under one roof. For the first time the growth areas of telematics, navigation, logistics and automotive will be grouped under the new title "Destination ITS". 
A new attraction at CeBIT will be a presentation named "Advanced Office & Conference Solutions" that will incorporate solutions from the areas of projection, conference technology, office processes and office equipment. "Next Level 3D" is another new topic. It concentrates various 3D-imaging technologies for cinemas, private homes and offices in one location.
The major topic area Connected Worlds will be a recurrent theme throughout the entire event. Other major topic areas such as Webciety for web communities and Green IT for sustainable business will be further consolidated.

Global knowledge transfer and trend-setting
At CeBIT 2010, international networking, knowledge transfer and trend-setting will take centre stage alongside new business development. The "CeBIT Global Conferences" will present innovations, trends and forecasts within the ICT sector at this time of economic upheaval. This is reflected by the main theme of the 2010 conference topic, i.e. "Challenges of a changing world - ICT for better lives and better business". "After the outstanding feedback on the CeBIT Global Conferences in 2009, we will be extending the program and adding new topics. This CeBIT event is one of the world's most prestigious ICT congresses," said Raue.

Partner Country Spain
The Partner Country at CeBIT 2010 will be Spain - one of Germany's key trading partners, ranked among the top five European high-tech markets and a leading force in business transactions with South America. "Our goal is to improve international cooperation in the high-tech sector. From the various discussions with our partners it's clear that Spain is taking full advantage of the Partner Country concept and will decisively influence how CeBIT 2010 appears to the outside world," underlined Raue.

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