Raue: "Preparations for CeBIT 2010 already in full swing"

Date: Fri, 10/09/2009 - 11:44

Raue: "Preparations for CeBIT 2010 already in full swing"

Spain will be featured as the Partner at CeBIT 2010

With just five months to go before the opening of CeBIT 2010, Deutsche Messe says the event is right on target: "Preparations for CeBIT 2010 are already in full swing, and global ICT markets are responding in a highly positive manner," declared Ernst Raue, Member of the Deutsche Messe Management Board, at a contract-signing ceremony with Partner Country Spain on Thursday in Madrid.
"In some regions, the economy is already beginning to pick up. Additional regions will follow, so that by spring 2010, CeBIT will assume an even greater international role," commented Raue, adding: "Anyone who wants to achieve new growth has to come to CeBIT. Only an international business hub like CeBIT can take a positive mood and turn it into tangible orders and business deals."

ICT sector's innovative dynamism enables user industries
Raue stated that, although the ICT market for the professional sector was still characterized by a mood of uncertainty, he was confident the ICT industry would be among the greatest beneficiaries of an economic upturn. "New advances in ICT will help drive the upturn in virtually every user industry, since the new solutions developed by the ICT industry are progressively more efficient, allowing the user enterprises to develop new growth potential in turn. The innovative dynamism of the ICT sector is an enabler for the user industries," he concluded.

Spain leverages CeBIT as international marketplace
Spain will be featured as the Partner at CeBIT 2010. "We are already working very closely with Spanish trade associations and government offices," said Raue, continuing: "Our Spanish partners are determined to leverage the opportunities offered by this unique international event." He said the Partner Country was going to be highly visible, both at the exhibition center and in the host city of Hannover, as Spain showcased its expertise in the ICT sector.
Karl-Heinz Streibich, CEO of Software AG, emphasized that Spain was a "key market for German IT enterprises," adding that Software AG has been represented in Spain for 25 years, employing a workforce there today of almost 700 people. "For that reason, our enthusiasm for Spain as the CeBIT Partner Country was a foregone conclusion," he said. "CeBIT is our showcase for making joint progress in the high-tech industry. CeBIT is our catalyst."
 "Opportunities for new and expanded business relations are going to arise not only for Spanish exhibitors at CeBIT 2010, but for all other enterprises as well," stated Raue. He added that he and his team were anticipating high-level participation from Spain at the CeBIT opening ceremony.

Expanded content and new target groups
CeBIT 2010 will also be reinforcing its program and attracting new target groups through the addition of new content and subject areas. "Connected Worlds" is the keynote theme next year. "Machines and devices are becoming progressively more sophisticated, which is leading to the continued convergence of different applications," commented. He elaborated that the technical availability of established and new offerings on the Web was now possible thanks to increasingly high-capacity networks. "A new Broadband Forum at CeBIT will reveal the latest developments," he declared.
CeBIT will be also be devoting itself even more strongly to the logistics sector and the automotive industry. Under the new name of "CeBIT Destination ITS" (Intelligent Transport Systems), CeBIT will be presenting the entire process chain of intelligent transport telematics. Hall 7 will become the new "nerve center" for telematics, navigation, transport, logistics and automotive solutions.
A new feature at CeBIT involves the "Advanced Office & Conference Solutions" presentation, featuring solutions from the areas of projection, conference equipment and office processes and equipment. Another new feature is the "Next Level 3D" pavilion, which will showcase the various 3D stereoscopy technologies available for movie theaters, homes and offices.
Business customers above all will be interested in the new "Internet TV" pavilion, appearing within the "Internet & Mobile Solutions" display category. This segment unites all the various offerings involving moving images, including IPTV, Web TV, mobile TV, corporate TV and the latest streaming technologies.
Green IT has become an important factor for development and procurement departments in the corporate world. This CeBIT display category is aimed at anyone who is interested in cutting costs, raising the level of sustainability and demonstrating entrepreneurial and social responsibility.
And finally, the aspects of business security and financing have become more important than ever, so that this year's CeBIT will be uniting the segments of IT Security and Banking & Finance in the same hall.

CeBIT radiates confidence
Raue concluded his remarks by commenting that it was difficult to offer a prognosis on the exact form CeBIT 2010 would take. "More and more companies decide things on a quarterly basis in these tough economic times," he stated. "We are nevertheless extremely confident that the number of exhibitors in 2010 will be in the same range as the previous year."

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