CeBIT 2010: "Connected Living" showcases intelligent home networks

Date: Thu, 12/17/2009 - 19:52

CeBIT 2010: "Connected Living" showcases intelligent home networks

"Connected Living Topic" day on 3 March at future talk forum

"Connected Worlds" - the keynote topic at CeBIT 2010 -refers equally to the convergence of individual technologies and the integration of international markets and applications. This phenomenon is clearly visible in the intelligent home networks on show at the "Connected Living" special display at future parc in Hall 9.
From 2 to 6 March 2010, the Connected Living Association will demonstrate how an array of different devices can be connected with the help of software-based digital assistants. The goal is to create a home network which will allow for integrating and controlling many different kinds of electronic appliances, on a manufacturer-independent basis. Occupying a total of 400 square meters of floor space, the special display will present a "home of the future," including a kitchen, living room and fitness room. An energy assistant, for example, helps the owner save on heating and lighting costs, reducing the environmental impact at the same time. A digital kitchen assistant supports the owner in preparing healthy, balanced meals, while a health assistant guarantees just the right fitness program.
A special "Topic Day" featuring presentations and discussions on the topic of "Connected Living" is scheduled to take place at the "future talk" forum on Wednesday, 3 March.
Partners of the Connected Living Association include AOK, Deutsche Telekom, Dr. Riedel Automatisierungstechnik, EnBW, Loewe, MergSystems, MSR-Office, Orga Systems, TU Berlin (DAI Lab) and Vattenfall. The association's goal is to integrate individual devices into solutions which ensure they can communicate and interact with the user. Prof. Sahin Albayrak, Direktor of the DAI Lab at the Technical University of Berlin and President of the Connected Living Association, explains: "We live in an integrated environment. The existing technical infrastructure is embedded in solutions which serve to enhance personal convenience, while at the same time working to solve social issues like energy efficiency."
Both users and manufacturers stand to benefit from the principle of "connected living". By creating a common platform, a growing number of devices can be integrated, resulting in new added value for the user. The Connected Living Association offers appliance manufacturers and service providers an opportunity to develop their own assistants and integrate these into the network. CeBIT 2010 will feature a practical example of how a software toolbox combined with pre-manufactured components can be used to create new services on a quasi plug & play basis.

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