"CeBIT Green IT 2010": How to cut costs and protect the environment

Date: Tue, 01/05/2010 - 14:11

"CeBIT Green IT 2010": How to cut costs and protect the environment

Business focus: "Smart Infrastructure" and "Green IT Meets Business"

The issues of cost cutting and environmental sustainability will play a major role at the upcoming CeBIT. Running from 2 to 6 March 2010, the "CeBIT Green IT" display sector will demonstrate how IT and communications technology can be deployed to optimize business processes in virtually any industry, with a further focus on improved energy efficiency in production processes and the "greenness" of the ICT technologies themselves.
With the active support of the BITKOM high-tech association, Deutsche Messe has further developed the green IT concept launched originally at CeBIT 2008, including new topics and applications targeted at specific audiences. The offerings at "Green IT 2010" in Hall 8 range from power-saving notebooks to energy-efficient computer centers and high-end, HD-quality videoconferences.
The efficiency boost which can be realized by deploying green IT solutions is underscored by the latest SMART 2020 study by McKinsey, commissioned by the British-based Climate Group. According to this study, a total of up to 7.8 billion tons of CO2 from so-called "secondary effects" could be saved worldwide in the year 2020 - five times more than the amount caused by ICT (i.e. around 1.4 billion tons).
Three major thematic complexes will be covered at "CeBIT Green IT 2010": "Smart Infrastructure" involves energy and resource-conserving business processes. The subcategories here include virtualization technologies, innovative cooling concepts, server-based computing applications and intelligent outsourcing solutions.
The second thematic complex, "Green IT meets Business", will demonstrate how IT can be deployed to cut costs on a sustained basis, based on optimized processes, energy-efficient solutions, the conscious use of equipment and state-of-the-art technologies. Visitors at this display sector can observe zero-watt screens, resource-conserving output devices and user-friendly mobile devices up close.
The third subject, "Green IT @ Home", features the potential to conserve energy at home, focusing on the example of PCs, notebooks and screens.
The CeBIT Green IT Forum moreover will present talks by high-caliber speakers from industry, science and government. A special highlight involves the annual Green IT conference staged by the German Ministry of the Environment (BMU), the Federal Environmental Office (UBA) and the BITKOM association.
Free tips and advice are also available at the "Green IT Consulting Office". As a joint initiative of BMU, UBA, the KfW Group of Banks and BITKOM, this event offers free consulting services for enterprises, organizations and government offices, focusing on ways to obtain public subsidies for their green IT projects.
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