Connected Living calls for a uniform home networking standard

Date: Wed, 02/24/2010 - 16:48

Connected Living calls for a uniform home networking standard

Home of the future equipped with kitchen, living room and gym

The "Connected Living" Innovation Centre has set itself the goal of creating a uniform standard for home networking. CeBIT 2010 (2 - 6 March) will explore the possibilities for controlling a complete range of domestic appliances and devices made by different manufacturers. Connected Living in Hall 9 will present a futuristic 400 square metre apartment, complete with kitchen, living room and gym. The apartment boasts smart energy assistants that help to reduce heating and electricity costs. Digital kitchen helpers make suggestions for healthy meals. Last but not least, a health assistant guides the residents through a keep-fit program. The defining feature is the seamless networking of the individual devices.
At so-called "partner stands" visitors will be able to view practical applications in the context of "Connected Living". Deutsche Telekom, for example, will present a home gateway which gathers and collates various key data - e.g. energy consumption, health-related data (diabetes), text-to-speech and e-mail. This data can then be accessed and visualized via  different output devices - for instance, via digital picture frames, audio systems, TV and Internet radio. This home gateway supports numerous other useful functions such as online weather reports.
The company Dr. Riedel will present a domestic energy management system that achieves savings of between 25 and 30 percent. This management system coordinates the various room control devices for heating, ventilation, as well as domestic appliances. The heating and ventilation consumption data is collated centrally and then relayed to an external service platform.
Under the heading "Preventive Health @ Connected Living" the AOK Health Insurance Federation will team up with Bodytel and Art+Com to present its future vision for healthcare in the domestic sphere. The spotlight here will be on telemedical services for all generations. Unlike their contemporary counterparts, these services will be delivered via conventional electronic devices.
The "Connected Living" Innovation Centre is supported by several leading partners: AOK, Deutsche Telekom, Dr. Riedel Automatisierungstechnik, EnBW, Loewe, MergSystems, MSR-Office, Orga Systems, TU Berlin (DAI Laboratory) and Vattenfall. In addition, "Connected Living" works closely with the IT industry federation BITKOM. Professor Sahin Albayrak, Director of the DAI Laboratory at Berlin's Technical University and Chairman of the Connected Living Association, emphasizes the following aspect: "We live in a networked environment. The existing technical infrastructure will be embedded in solutions which enhance our personal comfort and at the same time tackle important social issues such as energy efficiency."
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