CeBIT Open Source 2010: the first projects and keynotes have already been finalized

Date: Fri, 01/22/2010 - 15:07

CeBIT Open Source 2010: the first projects and keynotes have already been finalized

Keynote themes at the Open Source Forum: cloud computing, Web 2.0, security and mobile solutions

Freeware depends on the commitment and worldwide collaboration of countless voluntary helpers. Perhaps the best known example of freeware is the operating system Linux. CeBIT 2010 (2 to 6 March) will feature open source systems as a separate display category.
CeBIT Open Source in Hall 2 will be divided into two main sections. The "Open Source Project Lounge" will showcase non-commercial projects such as the blogging software "WordPress", the highly successful database project "PostgreSQL" and the free programming language "Perl". The Lounge will be sponsored by Mozilla, the foundation behind the web browser "Firefox".
The "Open Source Project Lounge" will be complemented by a lecture forum of the same name. Throughout the entire duration of CeBIT visitors will have an opportunity to get to grips with the key trends in the open source community. Hot topics at the Forum will be cloud computing, Web 2.0, security, mobile solutions, and the implementation of the freeware on the desktop.
Two months ahead of CeBIT numerous speakers have already committed themselves to appear at the Forum. For example, Jim Zemlin (Executive Director of the Linux Foundation) will make a keynote speech.
He will be joined by Chris Hofmann (Director of Special Programs at Mozilla) and Tim Reilly (Mozilla Director of QA), who will explain the mechanisms behind the Firefox web browser and present useful corporate software tools.
The Forum will also discuss various licensing-related issues. Representatives of the Free Software Foundation Europe will answer questions and clarify popular misconceptions regarding freeware.
A highlight of the lecture program will be the presentation of the Linux New Media Award on Thursday, 4 March 2010. The specialist publisher Linux New Media will single out organizations, projects, companies and individuals in seven different categories for their special contributions to Linux, freeware and open source.

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