Ernst Raue: "CeBIT 2011 on growth trajectory"

Date: Thu, 10/07/2010 - 18:28

Ernst Raue: "CeBIT 2011 on growth trajectory"

Keynote theme in 2011: "Work and Life with the Cloud"

The global ICT market is responding positively to the arrangement of CeBIT 2011 into four different platforms: "The new platform structure of CeBIT 2011 helps us intersect perfectly with the needs of the global ICT sector," comments Ernst Raue, Managing Board Member of Hannover-based Deutsche Messe AG. "Whereas, since 2008, a total of 60 ICT-related exhibitions have been cancelled worldwide, CeBIT is actually on a growth trajectory. The event's restructuring into the segments of CeBIT pro, CeBIT gov, CeBIT lab and CeBIT life has substantially improved its efficiency edge vis-à-vis the competition. The superior orientation at the CeBIT exhibition grounds will allow exhibitors to target their customers even more precisely. In the middle of an economic recovery, this means CeBIT offers them the ideal opportunity to do new business."
With just five months to go before CeBIT 2011 opens its gates, many key exhibitors have decided in favor of participating. "A large percentage of market leaders have already confirmed, and several of them are planning to increase the size of their stands compared with the previous event," says Raue.
Eric Chen, Corporate Vice President ASUS System Business, explains that "CeBIT is a key date in our corporate calendar at ASUS, as it has been since 1995. CeBIT offers us an outstanding platform for showcasing our innovativeness and top performance. At the same time it gives us an opportunity to come into contact with important international clients and media representatives. CeBIT's strong international status has played a big role in promoting the success of our enterprise. Just like CeBIT, we stand for technological progress and optimism."
Friedemann Hensgen, Senior Vice President for Marketing at Rittal, is equally upbeat about CeBIT 2011: "CeBIT is the world's leading platform for the IT industry. No other IT exhibition has the international magnetism and thematic authority of CeBIT. For Rittal, appearing at CeBIT is of strategic importance. It is the best marketplace for us to meet customers and other interested parties from across the globe and inform them of our latest developments. We are pleased about the further refinement of the event, focusing even more strongly on the IT industry's core segments, and we look forward to a successful showing at CeBIT 2011."
From 1 to 5 March 2011, CeBIT will showcase all the key facets of the digital world in four application-oriented segments, making them tangible for users:
CeBIT pro will highlight ICT solutions for professional applications at small and medium-sized enterprises as well as worldwide enterprises. "New ICT systems - for example, systems that make intensive use of cloud computing - provide their users with key competitive cost advantages," comments Raue.
CeBIT gov features solutions and applications geared to decision-makers from public-sector institutions. As summed up by Raue: "Decision-makers at the federal, state and municipal level can get a comprehensive overview of the market with just a single visit to the show. ICT solutions are capable of solving the key conflict in public administration - i.e. the need to cut costs, while at the same time offering citizens a higher level of service. For providers, this segment represents a billion-dollar potential." A new agreement calls for the simultaneous staging of Komcom Nord at the Hannover Exhibition Center, letting CeBIT further consolidate its leading role as a showcase for ICT solutions designed for applications at the federal, state and local level.
The future of the digital world will be made tangible at CeBIT lab. "At CeBIT lab, international research institutes and universities will present the solutions and applications for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow," says Raue, adding that: "The ICT sector is the key innovations driver in the user industries. Given the ever-shorter innovation cycles, only companies which are capable of detecting the latest trends will be able to prevail against the competition."
CeBIT life is geared to IT consumer buffs. "The role of the consumer in the digital world has undergone a fundamental transformation: The consumer has become an innovations driver, content supplier and developer of new business models at once, while the distinction between work and leisure continues to blur," reports Raue. CeBIT life will spotlight all the relevant trends in this area.
The keynote theme at CeBIT 2011, "Work and Life with the Cloud", will permeate all four segments at the show: "The growing profusion of cloud-type concepts is leading to a process of structural change within the IT and client industries. Every market participant stands to profit from this new trend. CeBIT 2011 will show how this is the case. For international industry, it will provide practical orientation as well as a glimpse of the future, in equal measure," explains Raue.
A key component of the CeBIT concept involves the CeBIT Global Conferences - the leading convention for the international ICT industry. In 2011 the keynote slogan of the event will be "The power of creativity and innovation". The conferences will cover topics like cloud computing, intelligent networks, real time business, augmented reality and mobile apps. Keynote speakers at the CeBIT Global Conferences 2011 include Neelie Kroes, EU Commissioner for the Digital Agenda and Vice President of the European Commission, Blake Irving, Chief Products Officer at Yahoo and the new power behind CEO Carol Bartz, Jean-Philippe Courtois, President of Microsoft International, and Michael Mendenhall, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Hewlett Packard.
The Partner Country for CeBIT 2011 is Turkey. "The Turkish market for IT and telecommunications is growing rapidly and exhibits excellent potential. Turkey has developed into one of the world's strongest economies and is considered a bridgehead to the Near and Middle East," affirms Raue.

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